New Kitteh...Meet Stormy (Daniels)!

So…my ex-wife is crazy cat lady. She found this kitten by the side of the road and her boyfriend has drawn the line at the four cats she already has, and she begged me to take her, and so did my sons.

I resisted, but realized resistance was futile. It’s like if cat cuteness were Borg, we would all be a…

Anyways, kitten is very, very cute. The last cat I had was an awesome orange tabby (imo, the lovingest cats) named Lightning whom died prematurely for unknown reasons. I found him one morning at the bottom of the stairs, dead. We speculated that he fell from the wide and tall bannister in his sleep and broke his neck by mistake.

Fast forward to now, and so I have this kitty. The boys named her “Stormy” in honor of Lightning, not knowing the political implications. So I immediately added “Daniels” to her name, because I thought it was funny and a female kitty has to earn her keep as a porn star, right?

She’s cute as hell and, like most kittens, blown away by her new environment, which she only has to share with us.

My ex is giving her to me on a “trial run”, if I “don’t form a bond with her, I can giver her back”. Yeah right, that ship sailed the moment she came here and with the influence of my sons, whom are desperate to keep her. They’d been asking for a cat forever and I kept telling them no.

Well, now even I have acquiesed to the feline overlords. Sigh. Those boys better live up to their promises to scoop the box, or else…why, I’ll do it, of course!

She’s adorable! Love the name!!

Adorable! Or - totes adorbs, as my smaller folks would say.

In our house, btw, litter scooping duty buys you cat-feeding privileges. I can thoroughly recommend this distribution of work.

Thanks guys. I knew I could count on the SDMB for cat support, such as it is. So many feline haters here.


Loves me some kitties. Very cute.

Wish they never grew up to be cats though.

Show them to me! Point out the blackguards, so that they may be thrashed!

Can’t wait to see her when her adult coat comes in. She’s going to be breathtaking.

She looks about old enough to get spayed. Three months? What do you suppose?

How good of you! Best wishes from me myself, Maxwell (going on 20, but still strong!) and Young Ginger, aka Red Curry!

If she’s the crazy cat lady how come you bought a matching couch?

♪♫ FoieGras, don’t let your kitten grow up to be cats though.
Cats though is easy to love but they’re harder to hold.
They’ll hork on the sofa & consider it gold.
And each night begins a new day.

Yeah, in the middle of the night, he’s gonna be Waylon this song. :wink:

Cute! Looks like a Storm is brewing! Good luck.:slight_smile:

Yep. She’s adorable. Welcome to the dark side*.

  • The color of cat fur on a white couch. What did you think I meant?

Oh, she is adorable. Just keep an eye on the ex if she comes over so no kitnappings occur.

What a pretty grey tabby!

And I never want to hear/read you complaining you fell down because Stormy decided to use both or maybe just one of your ankles as a dance pole! :smiley:

(I trip over or lightly kick nightly my 24 pound brown tabby male because he hangs out in the hallway in the dark by the bathroom when he isn’t in the middle child’s bedroom, on hubby’s chair in the kitchen or in a cat tree in the living room… and always when I have to pee.) :smiley:

She’s cute as a button. Well done.

I dunno about the name, though. Kitty Porn is illegal! :wink:

Kittehs!!11!!! Elebenty one!!!11!!!

So then those pictures should be behind a pay wall, right?

Actually, there are enough suckers for cute kitten pictures here that you could probably make enough to ‘earn her keep’. Especially if you sell memberships that get new pictures every week.

What a little cutie! I love that your boys love cats! :slight_smile: