New kitty:TNG

So it’s been about 16 months since we got Katie so it’s time for a little sister.

This is Lizzie.

Born on Christmas Day, she wound up at a local rescue home where she was treated for an upper respiratory infection before coming to us.

After only 18 hours, she’s playing with Katie with only an occasional hiss.

What a pretty pussy! Quite the cutie.

Lizzie looks like our KatieCat. From what you’ve said, she’s a lot more sociable. Enjoy your new feline overlord (overlady ?)

They’re both very beautiful girls! Congrats on the new kitty! :slight_smile:

Nice kitty!

Your feline overlords seem to approve of you; congratulations!

What a beautiful girl! She has the potential for unlimited mischief as everyone will say, “Oh, this sweet little thing couldn’t possibly have done all that damage! You must have a Tasmanian devil living here. Or a baboon on crack.”