New, more descriptive covers for some fantasy novels

I laughed out loud.

Especially Mary Sue Gets A Dragon.

Some more. Stephenie Meyer fans won’t be happy.

genius. Own most of those series and found that site very funny.

LOL funny.

They fucked up with the Elric cover in link 2-Elric is a prime example of just how badly an alignment system breaks down when you are dealing with a character with lots of depth. But in all his iterations I don’t think he was ever Lawful Evil.

My Little Pony Goes to Wargigglesnort

Bwahahaha - aaah, high school.

Outside of the title on the cover of the book, Robert Asprin’s Myth Series didn’t have any puns. I have to wonder if the guy actually read any of them.

All the others that I have read: Yup.

Thanks for the Sunday afternoon giggle! I’ve read most of the books and the new titles are right on.

Funny, but I think they got it wrong with the Guardians of the Flame re-title. It was more a matter of discovering just how NOT cool it would be to be stuck in such a world. One of the protagonists is killed and both the women gang raped, for example.

The quotes at the beginning of every chapter are pun-filled.

And yes, I loved the different covers. It’s all so very, very true.

Loved “Mary Sue Gets a Dragon” & “The Best Book You’ll Never Finish” - which it might be. It’s either that one or “Cryptonomicon”

The Final Part. Let’s have sex on Mars!

In one of those odd coincidences I’m in the middle of writing a review of the second novella for my blog and that might as well be it.

“Oh look, I discovered that the trick to time travel is just to think about the destination at another time. I am the awesomest Dragonqueen ever for finding the lost power of remembering.”

Those were very cute but I thought the Eragon one would have read better as “Most derivative drivel ever!”

The Lensman (e.e. “doc” smith) one is a little weak as it pre-dates Green Lanterns by decades but I guess it is good for those that are already into Comics and just discovering the Lensmen series. I agree Elric was off but I don’t think I could do better. Mists of Avalon got a laugh from me and I love the book.

The Raymond Feist one was dead on. Missed on Terry Brooks though, it should have been, “You already read this but it had Hobbits.”

Thanks for linking, some good laughs.


Perhaps the Brooks could have been “The Most Derivative Drivel Ever!” and Eragon could have been “The Most Derivative Drivel Since the Shanara Series!”

I like that. Let’s go with yours.

Whoa - there was a series of sequels to Nor Crystal Tears? I loved that book!

Actually, it was a prequel to his Flinx series and the other Humanx books.

The David Eddings title is perfect.

So…this thread made me think of these covers. I’m not the only one who can manipulate photos, right?

If I start a thread for dopers to revise book covers too, would anyone else play?

I’d take a stab at it (or a flailing hack, anyway) . Sounds like fun!