New Name! Huzzah!

Let it be known that I, the poster formerly known as arisu, am now (as you can see), Orual.

I never liked the old name, so let there be dancing and singing!


Woohoo! Dancing fifers and flower crowns! Is Orual a name from local folklore, or is it something secret?

Orual is the main character of C.S. Lewis’ book Till We Have Faces, which is one of my absolute favorite books. She is not really a terribly admirable character, but she is one of the most human I have ever come across in literature.

Why does the thread title say that your new name is Huzzah, but your thread text says that the new name is Orual?

Huzzah is the way they pronounce “hussy” in Sunny New England.

Actually, “huzzah” is the way they pronounce “hussar” in New England (see, I secretely want to be light cavalry).

Hussar would make a nice user name.


Atomic Hussar Racing


You’re right WM, Hussar would make a good user name.

Still like mine better though!

::does Snoopy dance of celebration::

If you never liked the old name, why did you register with it? Anyhow, I’ll do the honors for you of announcing it in The Official Record of Name Changes thread. :smiley:


Ahhh, I see. They’re 1920s-style “name changes”.

Carry on.

::runs nekkid thru thread, doing the Happy Nekkid Name Change Dance::

::succeeds in not having size issues when compared to the 1920s gizmo::