that’s right, I’ve got a new picture of myself circulating out on the internet!
feel free to visit me at

When you say “a new picture of myself circulating out on the internet!” it makes me think of those porno ICQ messages. Try using other terminology:D

Other than that, nice pic. You look like a guy I know (take that however you wish)

hrrmmm… OK,
there is a new picture of me published on the internet

Someone seems to have switched your photo with one of Milhouse from “The Simpsons.” Perhaps you should alert Geocities.

Cutie! :slight_smile:

Finally I get to see it! Well worth the wait. Remember to stop and see us here in St. Cloud next time you come to bowl.


I 2nd what Spidey said…stop in and see us sometime :slight_smile:

Cute pic, BTW, but you’re still weird :stuck_out_tongue:

On that note, I got a pic from the start of June I forgot to post: the_dragon/Adam20001.jpg/

:frowning: Ok, let me try that again

That second link doesn’t seem to be working either, Speaker. Do we have two Adams in this thread?