online Portrait Gallery updates

Hello old chums. Our friendly TubaDiva sent me an email asking me what’s up with the picture pages. As you may have noticed I haven’t been hanging around the message board of late. But there are some updates that should be done with the picture pages, and I will try to do it myself or of course someone could take it over.

It will take me a while because the program I wrote to automatically generate the HTML pages (the online picture pages are straight HTML) depends on a MySQL database on my machine that hasn’t been restarted since 2012 and I have to figure out how to start the DB (getting errors right now) and/or upgrade it to current mySQL and/or move the data into another relational DB like PostGres.

Believe it or not, I still have a bunch of emails in my inbox with requests to changes to the page, and once I get the database running I will try to go through those. But it will take time so don’t expect anything right away.

Very cool of you to take this on.

Thank you.

Welcome back. I think I’ll send you a picture once you get caught up.

WELCOME BACK!!! I like the two I have but may add a third/newer at some point if its permitted. I haven’t looked at it for a month or two but I still find myself checking back on it for familiar faces and memories.
PS – for ones that we know have passed, any thoughts of a Memorial section or status?

Thanks for doing this.

I’m glad to hear you’re okay!
I may even send a picture later on. :slight_smile:

I was fiddlin’ around the Dope and saw the picture pages, just 2 days ago.
I’m beginning to think I have precognitive powers, or something.:eek:
I’ll send a pic later when you’re all caught up.
(I predict that will be 6 weeks from now, dang I’m good!!) :wink:

I, for one, am just tickled to see that Arnold and TubaDiva are well and involved in life.

I remember you! Arnold Wrinkled Weed! Or something like that!

TD I wasn’t worried about but I was getting a little frightened for Arnold. I was afraid he had been hijacked into some super-secret government conspiracy to overthrow muntiple enemies of the United States.

With a portrait gallery.


No I’m still alive. Hi guys! So what have been missing for the past few years?

Not very many meals by the looks of you. :p;)

Good to see you again, Arnold!

You missed me(:)).
Nice to meet you, Arnold.
Can’t wait to see new pics.

It was the best of times it was the worst of times.

We solved world hunger and war but ignorance still abounds.

In other words SOD-DD

same old Dope - different days

" Who’s the President? "

" Ronald Reagan. "

  • THE ACTOR??? *


Not much. The usual.

Oh- Cecil left. :frowning:

Cecil is not gone. He’s lurking. He’s still a board member.
Where ever he is hiding I bet they have internet service.
I just know he wants to know me. 'Cause why wouldn’t he? :smiley:

Woah. Figured you’d long since rode off into the sunset. I’ll send you mine, when you get caught up. Which will probably be about when I figure out how to upload a photo to the interwebz.

Beck, let me craft a reply that suits your post: