New Rumor About SW Episodes 7-9

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, we’ve heard nearly everything under the sun possible about this. Lucas has said “No way.” The various cast members have said the same thing, and, of course, Lucas has denied that he’s ever said that there’s going to be such sequels, even though he’s on record at one point in saying that there would be such films.

Howver, I’ve heard a rumor from a friend that the folks at Lucasfilm and ILM have recently had to sign a “non-disclosure” contract in regards to the films 7-9. Kind of bizarre that Lucas would do such a thing if he weren’t going to making the films (though considering how bad the last two have been, and the horrible botches done in the “Special Editions” [Why does the phrase “cinematic short bus” pop into my head every time I hear that?], I’m surprised that Lucas thinks anyone would go see them).

They are forbidden to disclose how much THOSE movies are going to suck.

BTW, don’t deceive yourself: while certainly episodes 1 and 2 sucked, big time, they were still very successful in the only area that counts – they made a ton of money. It’s been very clear that Lucas doesn’t care about quality of film, but only about quantity of moola. Hence, I wouldn’t be the least surprised to find him working on episodes 7 - 9, even with an entirely new cast.

Don’t forget that Ep2 only took 2/3 of the BO of Ep1. If we see the trend continue with the next one (and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t), then that’s all, folks.
The only reason the last two made a profit at all was by trading on the Star Wars name. I don’t know how much that’s worth any more.

Actually, there’s a big reason why we shouldn’t–because PM was an anamoly–a movie that was so highly anticipated that the hype was virtually unprecedented in the last half-century. AOTC’s BO take is a more realistic depiction of what the franchise is worth. Undoubtedly, the quality of the first would largely account for the 30% drop, consisting of people who were largely alienated with the franchise and non-fans who wanted to see what the fuss was about. If the next one drops another 30%, that’ll put its BO at $211M, and though I’m on record as stating that Ep.3 won’t be the biggest money-maker of next year, there is no way its take will be that low. I’d say it’ll probably break $280M.

Episodes 7-9 would be fine if Lucas would just produce them instead of directing them.

If the movies are made, I hope it’s after Lucas has died and can’t fuck them up as badly as he did 1-3.

While I believe there is no way Lucas will be making ep. 7-9 (he just doesn’t have it in him) that doesn’t mean he can’t have someone else make them. Like others have said he could simply write them, or produce them, or oversee them and let others put all the effort into it.
He can say “I’ll never make them” but it doesn’t mean he won’t let someone else.
Especially for the $$$$$$$ they’ll offer him.

For the record, I would go see them even if George decided to write, produce, direct, star and sing in them. I’m just that kind of wacky, nutty girl.
You can count on my dollars, George! Star Wars rocks!!! I thought the Phantom Menace was COOL!

[jarjar]Meesa go see the newsie StarWars movie![/jarjar]

Hmm. Now I’m forced to wonder if you’re actually telling the truth in your Location field. :dubious:

So does anyone have any speculation as to what they might be about?

My guess would be they would somehow involve Han and Leia’s kids, the Jedi Twins. In fact, I think it would be cool if they could convince Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill to do cameos in Episode 7.

I think there would be a lot of interest in seeing episode 3 if you would let us all know where you viewed it.

Considering Lucas is now in his sixties, I can’t see him signing on for another long term project as anything more than Executive Producer. Even if he had the energy for the day-to-day grind, he has stated before that working with actors is not something he enjoys (or is very good at).

Well, Lucas has the rights sown up so that when he kicks no one can touch the franchise. This also means that unless he chooses to release the untouched versions of the originals, they’ll never be legally available. (Yes, I know copyright law isn’t perpetual, yet, but if the Mouse has his way, it will be.)

Why does the phrase “Direct to video” spring to mind?

It’s a pity Jim Varney is dead. I’d paid to see Ernest Goes to Tatooine.

Episodes 7-9 will be theatrical re-releases, with added digital footage, of The Star Wars Christmas Special and the two Ewoks movies.

Some gratuitous self-promotion, eh? So, where’s Itchy and Malla?


I will be seeing, next Thursday, a special invitation-only advance screening of the new “director’s cut” of Lucas’s first feature THX-1138.

I’ll be starting a thread on it the following day.

This is merely advance notice of said event.

That is all.


I’ve heard that Donald Pleasance shoots first in this version.