New Season Of "24" Starts Tuesday! If You've Never Seen It, This Is The Time To Start

Just a heads up.

For those who have never seen the show, this would be a good time to jump in. The series picks up a couple years after the end of Day Two last season. Even if you haven’t seen the first two seasons, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The first episode is also commercial free - so again - if you have never seen “24” before, check it out. My guess is you will be hooked.

And keep an eye out for the 24 Club, hosted by KneadToKnow’s weekly threads. My bookmarks are 75 miles away, so I’ll link tonight.

Just bought my blank VHS tapes today. 3 8-hour Maxell standard grade blank tapes, all ready to receive a full season of goodness. Labor Day 24-hour viewing, here I come!

Good God I’m pathetic!

Good luck to all of you. I just can’t make the commitment to “24” anymore. Too draining and then I get too pissed off at the time problems.

Yeah, I’m hovering around there, too. When I rewatched last year’s season (in a couple of sittings), I realized it really strained the old credibility meter.
I’ll watch the first few episodes, but if it gets too unbelieveable, I’m outta there.

You know, ordinarily I’m a nitpicker of the first order, but I enjoy 24 with the aid of a suspension-of-disbelief that would impress Joseph B. Strauss.

The only thing I’ve gagged on so far is the casting of Dennis Hopper as Victor Drazen. Absurdly-fudged plotting I can deal with, but embarrassing performances are too hard to overlook.

Can’t wait for Day Three. Whee! Done the nuclear thing, let’s see how bio-terrorism plays out.

Do you think they will off Dim in the first episode?


Bob and Biblio, I seriously recommend the full 24 hour sitting if the time issues are a concern for you. I think that most people that can’t suspend their disbelief for 24 are completely reasonable - there are a lot of stretches with credibility. But when you’re watching everything all at once, and fast forwarding through commercials, there’s just too much to absorb to worry about those details.

What my man Munch said.

Now back to work before The Man sees me.

Me: “I hate being tied down to the TV every week.”

Wife: “Well, you could tape it.”

Me: “I hate being tied to the VCR every week. I miss one week and the whole rest of the season is screwed up.”

Wife: “You could tape it for me.”

Me: “You’ll just fall asleep during it and I’ll have to explain what’s going on.”

Wife: “Are you being difficult on purpose?”

So you see that I post with my real PITA personality here.

I’ve watched both seasons weekly - and taped both seasons, and loved them as I watched them, but,

SEAONS 2 SPOILERS TO FOLLOW, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

I rewatched Season 2 recently in a couple of sittings (I just can’t devote 24 hours to watching a TV show in one sitting like you guys do). There were lots of plot holes that bugged me this time. Mainly, Marie and her wedding and the bomb and her supposed devotion to Ali and all of it happening on the same day, and at the same time. The bomb was supposed to go off at 7:00 (I think) and the wedding was supposed to be at 7:00, also. Was Marie actually going to go through with the wedding, or was she going to skip out, kill her fiance, and go be with Ali? Why would she plan her wedding (whether she was going through with it or not) for the same day as the bomb going off?
Also, why go through all that crap with the bomb and the terrorists, and brainwashing Marie, and the rogue American Coral Snake guys, when in the last 5 minutes, all they had to do was call Mandy and have her poison the President so easily? (Although, that was pretty cool, and had me saying, “Holy shit!”)

If it wasn’t for the SDMB threads on 24, and the fun of ragging on the plot holes (and stupid antics of Dim), I probably wouldn’t watch either.

Usually, it’s at least a good time filler before The Shield comes on at 10:00.

By “Dim” I assume you mean Kim. This season she’s supposed to be a member of CTU? How can I possibly respect and trust any organization that would hire anybody as stupid as HER? I mean, I’d go to Burger King if she got hired at McDonald’s.

Dude, you misspelled “dedicated.” :wink:

Wooooooooohoooooooooo! I’m a latecomer, I’ve watched most of Season One from Blockbuster…but man, that’s some fun.

Yes, that’s the term of "endearment’ that was applied by TV without pity, I believe