New Show - Trial and Error

Anyone catch this? The first two episodes were on NBC Tuesday, the 14th. Looks like they’ll be showing 2 every Tuesday (at 9).

Most of the characters are actors I’ve never heard of or barely heard of, excepting John Lithgow who is the central character (accused murderer), a delightful idiot in true Lithgow form! You might also recognize Sherri Shepard as the lawyer’s assistant who has a host of wacky rare medical conditions, and small appearances by Marla Gibbs, Dave “Gruber” Allen and Andrew Daly.

The show is FAST and packed to the gills with gags. And John Lithgow is a joy to watch. Of course there is a mystery/trial element which is always compelling to me.

I love it so far! I already feel like I’m going to miss it when it’s over for the season.

Here’s the official synopsis. Anyone else watching?

“Josh, a bright-eyed New York lawyer, heads to a tiny Southern town to defend an eccentric poetry professor accused of the hilariously bizarre murder of his wife. Josh’s optimism never ceases despite his legal team of unqualified local misfits and a makeshift office behind a taxidermy shop. Winning his first big case isn’t going to be easy, especially when his client continues to unwittingly say and do things that make him look guilty. Despite being complete underdogs, he and his ragtag team continue to take two steps forward, one step back to keep his client from stepping into death row.”

Always get a Northeastern lawyer.

Personally, I’d throw everyone out but Lithgow, Nicholas D’Agosto (the lawyer) and maybe the dead wife’s parents. There’s enough lunacy (both comedy and mystery) between Larry and Josh that adding more wacky characters is simply overkill.

I was very unsure about this show after the pilot – I only kept watching because of my deep and abiding love for John Lithgow – but after two more episodes I’ve seen a few glimpses of what *might *be genius. Enough that I’ll give it some more time.

(No one else recognized Jayma Mays from Glee? Really? :))

Nitpick; that wasn’t her parents, but her brother and his wife who were shown as initially supporting Lithgow’s character.

It was cute and kept my interest. However, I thought it moved too fast. Many of the gags/jokes could have used a bit of development before smacking us upside the head with them.

Also, just a little too over-the-top… Spontaneous masturbator? :rolleyes:

My wife noticed her right-away.

Something I noticed is that the prosecuting attorney’s name is Carol Anne Keene, which sounds a bit like Carolyn Keene, the fake name of the author of the Nancy Drew books.

I noticed that, too. It was also funny, I think it was the first episode where Josh couldn’t quite get her name right. I’ve been enjoying it so far.

Also the assistant detective is named Dwayne Reed, which is supposedly a play on the name of a drugstore in New York (?) “Duane Reade”. I’ve never heard of it.

I like it. I appreciate that NBC throws out these weird little sitcoms to see what sticks. I usually enjoy them a lot, even if they don’t often get renewed.

You can’t go wrong with John Lithgow. Or a northeastern lawyer.

After watching four episodes, this one didn’t stick for me - there’s just so much better stuff out there. The wacky characters are just a little too wacky. I heard when this first started that they didn’t have the ending written yet (or at least none of the cast knew who the killer was), and it felt like they were coming up with story ideas just to fill time. Hoping to avoid another Lost disappointment, this one is lost to me, although I’ll probably catch the final episode to see who the killer really is.

I assume the character “Rutger Hiss” is for some reason a combination of weird names - Rutger Hauer and Alger Hiss.

Also, Lithgow played a guy named Henderson (George) in Harry and the Hendersons.

Dwayne: “My <relative> got hit by a train and LIVED! Not well, but…”

Apparently Duane Reade is some sort of adoptee of Walgreen’s.

I’m watching Tuesday night’s episodes, and just noticed that Larry’s house number is 187. Heh.

Duane Reed was the NYC drug store for decades. Then everyone else started moving in. Eventually they sold out; DR couldn’t compete with the national chains. Yet another part of my youth torpedoed.

Do we think he did it? I can’t decide.

Never watched Glee, but I did recognize Jayma Mays from Heroes! This show is hilarious, just jam packed with jokes. I seriously doubt he did it, that would be kinda dark.

Did you see the penultimate episode yet? Episode 11? That left me thinking no, not Larry.

I’m about to watch this, a web exclusive of a pretend 2001 “tv news mystery show” about Larry. According to Entertainment Weekly, it might contain some clues.