New Small Cat in Lobsang's House (One pic in OP)

Name: Freddie.

Species: Kitteh.

Sex: Male.

Ambition: Lolcat.

I love them when thier that small. Scampering about, nibbling on your fingers. Makes me want to get another one. Almost.

I can’t stop myself behaving like a ten year old when I am in the presence of a kitten, especially on the first day.

When they get older they are great company. Greeting you as you come home from work. Spreading out on top of you as you wind down in front of the TV.

It made me say, “Ohmigosh! Hi!” to my monitor, so it wins! :slight_smile: Very cute.

That gave me total mental picture. :smiley:

He’s very cute. Post more pictures.

Adorable! He could be a lolcat with very little work; he’s got the right sort of cute face, and you’ve captured the sort of focus in the shot that makes it look better. (I read ICHC everyday, so I’m sort of snobby about the photo quality of the lolcats.)

More pictures, please!

Awww, what a little sweetie! Of course, you can see the mischief in his eyes, too; that’s a given. :slight_smile:

Give him some belly scritchies for me, please.

I said “Ohmygod!!”

Then I said, “Lobsang ought not to do that to people unawares. Harrumph!”

Mmmmm, kitteh. More please.


All of my fuzzbutts are grown, so I was overdue for a dose of kitteh. Thanks.

Dammit! As a cat lover (without a cat) and a Straight Dope addict (albeit lurker) you’ve convinced me to head straight to the shelter this weekend for a kitteh.

Lobsang, he’s wonderful. I squeeeee’d myself.

So cute and pointy!

Awwwww! :slight_smile:

Given the location of this adorable kitty, is he a Manx cat?
Well, I mean, I guess he is by virtue of the fact that he’s a cat on the Isle of Man, but is he a tail-less kitteh?
He is super super cute, though!

I said “oh, my god, you’re killing me with cute, Lobsang!”

The Death By Cuteness, it has taken me! I love kittens, all spikey and full of mischief.

lolcat caption…“I can haz human?”

Why yes, yes you can!

I gasped out loud, and my two boy kitties looked at me curiously. So cute, so much squeeness to be found.


That there is some weapons grade cute. Use it wisely.

Biting your toes as you try to go to sleep…

He is a very cute kitteh, no question. You must pet him lots for us.