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It’s like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it’s gonna rain.

It can’t rain all the time.

Any time it rains, or when there’s thunder and lightning, or when it snows, I have to jack off.

What were the overheard words by the Nazi child masturbating in the bathroom?

I hate Illinois Nazis.

What exactly brought you to Illinois?

My kind of town, Chicago is…

This town needs an enema.

No danger, he says. This guy’s like a carrier of small pox. Since he’s arrived, this town has a fever, an infection, and it’s spreading.

Kill three chickens if you need, not no more. Keep the hogs that got fever separate if you can. An’ if you need help, go see Sally Two-Trees over to Ned’s.

No wolf in his right mind would’ve jumped us at the fire… not even a loafer wolf. That wolf was mad. I’ll shoot him… if you can’t. But either way, we’ve got it to do.

Look, Mr. Wolf, my gun went off, I don’t know why, and now you’re helping us out of the situation. I’m cool with it, all right?

The wolf didn’t come back. But the village still lived in fear. It was the only life they knew.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!

Oh, so that’s the plan from our great leader, huh? Just sit here on our butts

“I’m, I’m a planner. I make plans.”
“You’ve already made the plan. So, what value do you have now?”
"If, uh, the plan fails, the existing plan, I make a new plan
“So, you make plans that fail?”

I blame myself.

Don’t start tryin’ to do the right thing, boy-o. You haven’t the practice.

I’m giving you a lift home. You follow?

Following’s really not my style.