NEW Stupid Republican Idea of the Day

Hiding under his desk?

Seems to be a fairly timid guy. (Wish he’d prove me wrong…)

Does anyone know how many calories there are in the average Republican face? Because at this rate, I’m honestly worried that the face-eating leopards might get fat.

I’m down with irony (yeah, you know me).

I get the impression that after several years of an AG who was openly and brazenly acting as the president’s consigliere, Garland wants to rebuild the reputation of the DOJ as an apolitical institution even if it means not going after Loser Donald and his cronies who should be prosecuted.

Whether that’s admirable or wise is a question I’m not qualified to answer.

And these kind of cases have to be airtight. I know most of the redcaps won’t care/believe, but it has to look solid to everyone else. and yes he has to deep-clean the DOJ and it’s rep at the same time.

There’s a big difference - which I’m not sure Democrats understand - between being partisan just for the sake of being partisan, and being partisan because the other side has actually committed crimes that require investigation. Obama also chose not to look into any of W’s alleged war crimes because of how it might look, and how it might set a bad precedent. Republicans have no such qualms.

Actually their complaint is,

“You’re a not loony enough!”

“No, you’re not loony enough!”

Release the crackpots!

It did not occur to me that I would have to actually live in the state in order to serve in its legislature

umm, not sure whether we should adopt that term, as it is kind of insulting to hard working folk.

For a few more details……….he thought he had a 183 day grace period or something. He can’t remember where he came up with that idea. I’m pretty sure it was something he heard people say.

Wiki, here [

Redcap - Wikipedia


has them as malevolent, murderous goblins. This is at odds with your def.
Maybe Love_Rhombus will weigh back in.


I did know the goblin definition but didn’t intend it-I find it oddly appropriate in regards to Trump followers. I didn’t know the porter one, and so won’t use the term again.

Oh, man - don’t fold on a good insult! I don’t even know that the working guy type Redcap is even a thing, anymore. Murderous goblin, now, THAT is a thing.

I’m going to field test it here, in my home county - red, in a blue state.


Gym Jordan tweeted, “Ohio should ban all vaccine mandates”, and Eric Swallwell responded, "Ohio should mandate sexual assault reporting for coaches.:

Good God Damn that’s wonderful!

That’s gonna leave a mark.
Too bad he did get away with it.

I kind of dig the idea of an urban fantasy story where Donald Trump’s supporters include a significant number of Red Cap fey.

I’d heard of both. As far as using it as an insult, my feeling is that if it already has two definitions neither of which is culturally offensive or in particularly common use, there is no problem adding a third.

Herschel Walker, who is Individual 1’s candidate for Senate from Georgia, canceled a fundraiser after one of the organizers used a swastika made up of hypodermic needles for her Twitter profile pic.