New TV Season...What's gone by October?

My predictions:

Kid Nation is gone by the fourth week, tops. Possibly even the second.

Don’t know why, but I see Cane being this year’s Smith .

Cavemen may make it to Thanksgiving; we’ll all be giving thanks when it’s extinct.

Pushing Daisies will give Kid Nation a run for its money as the first cancellation.

Any thoughts?

For ABC, Cavemen dies early. So does Samantha Who. Pushing Daisies manages to survive.

For CBS, Kid Nation never gets on the air because of legal reasons. Moonlight gets canceled early…nobody really wants a new Forever Knight

NBC doesn’t cancel anything

Fox drops K-Ville, Canterbury’s Law, and The Return of Jezebel James

Although I like the idea, I’m guessing that the Bionic Woman will not make it. Other “reimagings” have failed: Fantasy Island and The Nightstalker come to mind.

I don’t know if all of the controversy surrounding **Kid Nation ** has been manufactured as promotion for the show, but if it’s not, then I’d be surprised if it even airs at all.

Skirting child labor laws by not paying the kids doesn’t sound like a manufactured controversy. I’d be surprised if it makes it to air. “K-ville” actually looks entertaining, but I think the police procedural has reached supersaturation and it and “Life” will be crumbs on the bottom of the beaker.

No way does **Pushing Daisies ** survive, and quite frankly, I’m surprised about the acclaim it’s getting. But, acclaim aside, Joe America is going to be bored with the show before the first commercial break.

They have a good lineup this season? Because they cancelled Kidnapped last season, after three episodes. I thought it was excellent – it just got buried with similar-sounding shows, and NBC didn’t promote it.

Yep. The promos make it look very ordinary.

Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s not manufactured, but sometimes my tinfoil hat feels comfy. :wink:

Caveman will stay on the air as long as ABC has it following According To Jim on the schedule.

Pushing Daisies is the only show that I’m sure will be gone before the end of the year.

Reaper might last into 2008 (and I’ll be watching at least), but I don’t think it’ll get a season 2.

You chose poor examples. The “reimagining” of Battlestar Galactica by Ronald D. Moore and David Eick has been a rousing success.

Maybe you’ll rebut that BSG is a hit on basic cable, and therefore it isn’t predictive of Bionic Woman’s success on NBC, one of the big broadcast networks.

But I’ll simply reply to that with a mention of Heroes, another show on NBC about super-heroes which has become a Top 20 ratings-getter.

Then, most likely, you’ll see that I’ve won the argument, and you’ll nurse your contrition while I go have a drink.

I think Pushing Daisies stands a chance.

The one that looks bad is the one with the geeks. They have the whiteboards in their apartment.

The writing is so untrue. Not one of these writers has spent time with science guys. And the jokes are jokes that could be found in any “fad of the month” sitcom (in this case, geek-chic).

Oh, and Cane looks terrible, “sugar is the new oil”. :rolleyes: Jimmy Smits is annoying to look at.

I’ve stopped trying to predict network failures ever since I was sure that Frazier was going to be nothing more than a desperate attempt to cash in on the success of Cheers by starring a peripheral and one dimensional character.

So, hell, maybe Cavemen will be the next must-see watercooler TV hit.

But it has *Jimmy Smits * in it. Come on! Where are your priorities?

I must admit, I’m looking forward to Cavemen. I’m going to give it a shot. I also cannot wait for Journeyman…Vorenus…mmmmmm…

I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say that Pushing Daisies will be doing just that within 3 weeks.

I’d say Pushing Daisies has a 50/50 chance of being a breakout success or a dismal failure. It is, by far, the most original show of the coming new season. It’s a highly stylized, dark and weird fairy tale with a pitch-black sense of humour which could easily turn off the general public. On the other hand, the public also loves Tim Burton, who’s style and sensibilities have had an obvious influence on the show. I absolutely loved it, so that means it’s probably doomed.

I also enjoyed Reaper, although it takes a more conventional approach to the supernatural. Good chemistry between the leads and the sometimes hilarious absurdist humour give it a good chance to last the season.

Your premise is flawed because, unlike BSG or Heroes, The Bionic Woman sucks. Sure, they tried to update it, but the lack of chemistry between the main actors, coupled with the crappy acting of the star make for a rather dull pilot (in-between the unintentional belly-laughs, of course). This could (and should) die an early death, but there’s a possibility it could hang on for a long time with a cult-audience built on its camp value.

So you’ve said. But I haven’t seen where anyone else who’s seen the pilot agrees with you. I still like its chances.

I predict Kid Nation will be an enormous hit.

Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots will also do well.

That’s why I’m so disappointed! I’ve loved him since LA Law – even got his autograph once, when he was doing a TV movie in Seattle. They shot a scene at Trattoria Michelli. Double yum!

I thought the geek show looked kinda funny, but it has a laugh track. Or maybe it’s filmed live and people are really laughing. It’s hard to tell.

Well, nothing will be gone by October because most shows don’t start until the last week of September/first week of October.

But I say Cavemen. At least in my corner of the world, Pushing Daisies is the one show everyone is looking forward to.