New US$100 Notes (Again)

New C-notes coming out again! Pretty with colors and ribbons!

Too bad that most of that website is broken.

(Not that I ever see $100 bills…)

These new bills don’t light cigars nearly as well as the older ones.

Oooh, pretty. Did anyone else notice that Ben looks like he’s sleeping in the watermark?

Nice video, but I kept waiting for an eagle to screech and then Stephen Colbert to come walking out.

First dip them in Courvosier.

Yeah, the site needs a little work. Paul, was it you that came in with the new penny thread? Started getting those a couple of weeks back. Love the look.

Did you see the fine print? "By accepting this promissory note, you have sold your soul to the Federal Reserve System, which is not Federal, nor a Reserve nor a System.

They need to make Ben have blinky eyes.

I hear Ben was a real “playa” if you know what I mean? They outta put something on the bill to reflect that

Marie Antoinette?

Talk amongst yourselves. I’m getting all verklempt.

$100 bills aren’t much good. Most stores and restaurants I visit won’t take them unless the change is less than $20.

Eat a $30 meal and they want something smaller than a $100.

A new $100 bill? You mean they haven’t made a coin for that yet?

It’s actually quite handsome! (As long as it keeps still, of course.)

I think it looks ugly as anything.

The blue holographic stripe down the middle is horrific. The enormous gold “100” reminds me of the giant wheel on “The Price is Right.”

And finally, with all these half dozen super-cool, hard-to-copy security features (holograms, etc), who wants to bet that the lady behind the counter is just going to mark it with here purple felt pen to see if it is fake?

plastic not paper,
Last week a bar in Utah had 13 US one dollar bills placed in the tip jar- some had blank back sides…

It’s very busy looking, and the blue ribbon down the middle is quite ugly.

And I’m going to say what I always say when they come out with new money designed to thwart counterfeiters…If I was a counterfeiter I would just continue to produce the old bills. As long as the don’t retire old money IMO creating new designs does nothing whatsoever to stop counterfeiters.

I suppose the last redesign that too the B of P & E to do, was mastered by the Iranians in about 20 minutes. You’ll note the new note is not printed on high-security plastic as is done in advanced countries. Like Australia.

Am I the only one actually wondering how much that thing costs?