NEW WOMAN AT WORK: make a move or no.....?

I have asked 300 people about this situation and I have been getting dumb responces so maybe I could get some good advice here…

There is this new woman that just started at work… Very nice, attractive, smells kinda good, and is generally quite yummy… She got a big butt, but that doesnt really matter…

We work directly together at work, infact I spend most of the day with her working together on different projects… She is always play fighting with me, and joking around, doing that girly giggle, and sometimes showing off her tounge piercing to me… This is flirting in my book, but the problem is I work with her… At my job professionalism is a major issue, so that would put a damper on perhaps flirting back… Or maybe she is just a flirty person? Hrmmm Well here is my question to all the people who might read this… Should I make a move? Normally I could just make these decisions on my own but I have been single for so long, its like I am out of practice…



Never start something that will make your work life bad if it goes wrong. And if you do, be an absolute gentleman, keep big clear lines of communication open, and be prepared to find a new job if it goes badly south anyway.

Ok, she’s wonderful, nice, and all that… is she worth finding another job for?

don’t be dipping your pen in the company ink well.


If you have to ask 300 people about this then you must have serious reservations about whether it’s safe. So, you answered it yourself pretty well.

I haven’t run into this situation, myself (well, there was that one time, but inter-personnel dating wasn’t a big deal at that place), but in my opinion, finding a new job is easy compared to finding a potential Ms. Right. My job doesn’t define me- my friends and loves do.


This is probably the wrong forum to be asking this, but anyway, remember the all-important mnemonic device:
“Don’t get your honey where you get your money.”
However you resolve that conundrum is up to you, though.

I guess a Mod will be making the first move - to MPSIMS or IMHO.

That being said: Yup, you risk losing your job - either due to policy or because you (or she) won’t be able to work with an ex-lover. So if you’re looking for a fling, I’d say don’t. If we’re talking potential soulmate material here, other jobs can be arranged, if necessary.

Don’t flirt too heavily on the job, though - meet a little discreetly, keep total omerta when on the workplace and prepare to get burned even so.

S. Norman

She’s not being professional, so if your professionalism matters to you that much, I’d say no. I’d also say no because you have serious enough reservation to be posting it here.

Do you know her history? Did she come out of a work experience where fraternization was okay, or were there firm guidelines against it? Did she or one of her friends have a bad experience? Could she possibly be one of those people with the attitude of “Okay. Okay. Okay. NO MEANS NO!”?

Very dangerous ground here.

what I find interesting is your comment of “I asked 300 people and got stupid advice”. Was this 'cause you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for? Or did they come up with statements like “oh, KFC is a find dining establishment”?

FTR, I generally advise people to not date co-workers. FTR, my former co-worker Wallace always used to argue w/me about it “but, wring,** 2** of my ex wives were former co-workers”. uh, huh.

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