News Anchor = Sexual Predator?

Well, not really but I had to screen cap this when I saw it. Look at the sketch and then look at the male anchor in the picture. They look like twinners with the mustache and the tie. What an unfortunate random ad to pop up on that page.

Anyway, carry on.

Now THAT is funny.

Not only funny, but it’s happened before.

Or is this just a case of too many White people on the intertubes who think Black males look more or less alike?

I think it’s more that sketches are so generic the chances of the black anchor NOT looking like the black suspect are slimmer than you’d expect.

Give me a break. The dude is wearing a button up shirt like the anchor, has on a tie like the anchor, has the same mustache as the anchor and has the exact same hair line as the anchor. Yeah they are both black dudes but that is hardly where the resemblance comes from.

Yeah, I can totally see the resemblance in the OP, at least enough to make it funny. Doug’s link, not so much. The mustache is similar, as is the nose a bit. The rest of it looks nothing alike.

That’s great. You should put that up on Digg.

At first I thought the OP was going to be about this.

If we’re talking news bloopers, I have one unrelated to sexual predators, but…

This one is even funnier to me because the clip shown happened locally, and I know all the people involved in the video.