Newspaper comics that make your day

Anyone who’s read the “Things that irritate me…” thread over in IMHO may know that I am having a rough week. This morning, on opening the comic section, I saw something that made my day. Maybe even my week.

Background: The cause of my rough week has been a particular group of retirees. I have nothing against retirees in general. My grandparent are retired, and I love them very much. The retirees who have been causing my bad week are those who cannot wrap their minds around one simple fact. That fact: medical costs in the past five or so years have increased astronomically. Thus, it would seem reasonable for the price of medical insurance to go up. Not so, apparently, from the amount of complaints I have received. It would seem that the company for which the retiree worked is supposed to absorb the full cost of this increase. Even if this would cause the company to go out business.

Today’s Boondocks comic made my day.

The weight of being bitched at for a solid week was instantly erased from my shoulders. I laughed for a good half hour, and still have a smile on my face. Thanks to this comic, I am going into the weekend happy.

Anyone else have stories about comics making their day?

Boondocks from two days ago:

honestly, as far as newspaper comics go, Boondocks and maybe Zits are the only things I’ll make a point of reading. The rest of it is why I have a birdcage.

Doonesbury and Tom the Dancing Bug. I also read Gil Thorp compulsively, even though I hate sports and reject the writer’s values in toto.

Krokodil, I stronly encourage you to check out the Gil Thorp message board, The Bucket. You’d like it there.

It’s all about Dilbert and the Boondocks.

Calvin & Hobbes was always my fav along with The Far Side

Get Fuzzy sends me. Especially the (relatively) recent one where Satchel the dog welcomed Rob joyously home after a trip with a big hug, then noted “there’s barbeque sauce on your shoes! Can I have it?”

These days, the only strip I read on a daily basis is FoxTrot. You can tell Amend is a big geek…just like me. Sunday I also include Dilbert, and, God help me, Nancy just so I can say “Why do they keep printing this crap???” or if my friend is there “Oh, Nancy, whatever will you do next? Haw, haw!”

Rex Morgan M.D. has the cure for the blues.

There is nothing worth reading in the comics section anymore.

I can’t miss Ballard Street. They don’t carry it in my local paper, so I read it online. It’s probably the only comic I seek out. (I will read the ones in the local paper, but I read them all and don’t really have a favorite).


I’m a sucker for easy and cheap cuteness. But don’t tell anyone; I’m working on a reputation as a curmudgeon.

I agree on Mutts and Ballard Street, and highly recommend Mr. Boffo. I cut out Boffos on a regular basis…the one when he’s brushing his teeth with Tooth Pasta and discovers that it’s better without the meatballs is so funny.

They have comics in the newspapers now?


Pearls Before Swine. I always like reading it.

I’ll second both Get Fuzzy and **Pearls Before Swine[/] (Here’s nice toaster, maybe Satan has some bagels.[/]

Get Fuzzy, Boondocks, Dilbert and (for reasons unknown) Baby Blues.

Foxtrot, Get Fuzzy, Heart of the City, Stone Soup, Zits and Pondus.

I used to always count on CALVIN AND HOBBES for a laugh to start the day… < sigh > How I miss them.

For Better or Worse

I really miss Modesty Blaise.