NFL Predictions - Week 7 - The Carnage Continues

Damn, 9-5 last week (61-25 overall), I continue a downward spiral. Still remain ahead of The Sportingnews (57-29 is their best guy) and USA Today (55-30…he must not have picked one of the games.) Let’s get right to it:

Falcons 20 at Rams 41 (Fantasy football tip: Always start all of your Ram players and all of your players who are playing against the Rams. No matter what anyone says, Faulk, not Warner, is the key to the Rams’ success. If he goes down they’re in trouble. Trust me.)

Ravens 24 at Redskins 19 (I realize there’s no guarantee that the Iggles would have won in OT last week, but still, the ‘Skins dodged a bullet on a really bad call. Look for the Ravens to get their long ball going again this week.)

Panthers 16 at Saints 20 (I can’t believe I’m doing it. Picking the Ain’ts. Call it a gut feeling, but now that Blake-to-Horn is starting to click, Ricky Williams will be finding a lot more running room.)

Cowboys 17 at Giants 28 (On my honor, if Dallas will just give in and start Cunningham I really will pick them.)

Raiders 21 at Chiefs 26 (Prior to last week’s game, Janikowski must have accidentally slipped himself some of that date rape drug he was caught with. New Chief kicker Todd Peterson should have a great debut.)

Chargers 9 at Bills 27 (After getting beat up by the ‘Phins last week, the Bills are probably happy to face the highly touted Charger defense.)

Browns 20at Broncos 30 (The only reason to watch this game is to see what new RB the Broncos pull out of their ass this week. This game won’t be as close as that score makes it look.)

Colts 31 at Seahawks 10 (Indy will get back on track against a Seattle squad that is, to put it lightly, in disarray.)

Jets 17 at Patriots 23 (I can’t believe I’m doing it, Part II. Picking the Patsies. If I pick the Bungles have me committed. No Vinnie, and the Patriots offense is starting to come back. It won’t last.)

Bengals 10 at Steelers 20 (Under the tutelage of veteran back-up Scott Mitchell, Akili Smith is quietly putting together a…well, a very Mitchell-esque season.)

Eagles 27 at Cardinals 24 (Time to pull out the pickle juice again. I see a back and forth game in this one with the Eagles defense coming up with the big play when it matters (again) and not getting screwed by the refs this time.)

49ers 30 at Packers 24 ([Musberger Voice] You’re looking live at historic Lambeau Field [/Musberger Voice]. Big freakin’ deal!! It’s the 80’s all over again. Hopefully we won’t waste our first round draft pick as we did back in those days.)

Vikings 30 at Bears 17 (Dear Marcus Robinson: In the future, if you decide to pull yourself from a game on Sunday morning, let me know by 11am so I can adjust my fantasy football roster accordingly. P.S. Tell that Edinger kid he makes me dizzy every time he kicks a field goal with that bass-ackwards approach of his.)

Jaguars 20 at Titans 16 (Out on a limb again. With the Jags recent woes and the Titan resurgence, all signs point to a Titan win. That’s why I’m going with Jacksonville. The Titans are down to their #4 and #5 WRs, Taylor is due for a big game, Coughlin and team are desperate, and it’s Monday Night where anything can happen.)

Okay, that last one’s a stretch, but what the hell. Now, time for your comments, criticism, and adulation.

Gazoo, good stuff, quick question. When you tally your record do you just count wins and losses, or do you consider the spreads as well? IE, If you pick the Rams 51 at the Saints 7, but the Rams eek by with a 17-16 win do you still win?

Except of course when you have either teams Defense on your roster, sadly the Falcons are my only choice.

Wishfully thinking even tho I live in Jacksonville. I hope you’re right; I want to see an exciting game [fewer dumb drop the football and interceptions, please!] with a positive Jag outcome.

The record is entirely based on “straight up” (as are the ones on and I have no idea what my record is against the spread.

Gazoo says:
“No matter what anyone says, Faulk, not Warner, is the key to the Rams’ success. If he goes down they’re in trouble. Trust me.”

Do trust him people. As a St Loiusan who hasn’t missed watching a Ram’s game in 3 years, I have to agree. If Warner goes down we have Trent Green ready to go in and continue the offensive onslaught. If Faulk goes down, there is no one on the bench that can replace his talents. We depend on Faulk to run the ball, to catch the ball, and even before he touches the ball. Defenses cover Faulk, leaving our receivers open. If they cover our receivers, Faulk makes them pay. Marshall Faulk, not Kurt Warner, is the key to making this offense work.

If you ask me, Faulk was the MVP last year, not Warner.

Whats up with this? Every week you pick against the Skins. Yeah, they may have got lucky last game on that fumble, but the full blame should be on that suck-ass kicker who keeps these games so close. But he’s gone now.

Plus, the Ravens haven’t scored a touchdown in the last 2 games, and only won on field goals. Don’t expect that to happen when playing the Skins. And look at their QB’s stats: Against Cleveland and Jacksonville, Banks completed a combined 35 of 77 passes for 323 yards, no touchdowns and one interception.

Skins are going to shut em down. Thats my pick :slight_smile:

Yeah…where is Tony Mandarich these days? I heard he was hanging out with Vinnie Clark and Alphonso Carreker over at Brent Fullwood’s house.

Do I sound bitter? Nah…what would we have done with Barry Sanders in '89 anyway?

*Originally posted by Modian *

Hmmm, just went back and checked my history with the Redskins:

Week 1 vs. Panthers - I picked them, they won. So far, so good. Record in Redskins games 1-0, 1.000.

Week 2 vs. Cowboys - I picked them, they lost. 1-1, .500.

Week 3 vs. Lions - I picked them, they lost. Uh-oh. 1-2, .333.

Week 4 vs. Giants - I learn my lesson, pick against them. They freakin’ win. Great. 1-3, .250.

Week 5 vs Bucaneers - Bucs are hot, no way 'Skins win. Pick against them. They win again. 1-4, .200.

Week 6 vs Eagles - What the hell, pick the upset, maybe that’s the way to figure out these Redskins. They win. 1-5, .166.

They are 3-0 when I pick against them and 1-2 when I pick them to win. Based on my success in handicapping the Redskin games, as a 'Skins fan, you should send me a thank you card every time I pick against them. :wink:

That is so well put it makes me shudder in dismay…
However, what is this WE crap all of a sudden with the Pack Gazoo(you closet Dolphins Fan you). Just because you have to put up with our ornery asses following a loss…

shush, dammit

all the pundits picked the Vikes to finish 4th or 5th in the central division. evidently, that pissed them off. but don’t saying nice things about the Vikes now. they might hear it and start to believe it. even if soldier field is the equivalent of a Vikings home game (6-1 in the last 7 games there, i believe), that’s no reason to be saying nice things.

That damn Marcus Robinson. Now it looks like he might play this Sunday Night. (All this indecision is enough to give a fantasy football player an ulcer!)

If he plays, adjust the Bears’ score up by 10 points. The Vikings will still win.

And don’t worry, Rysdad, they’ll be okay this week, it’s the important games that the 'queens choke in. :smiley:

Gazoo… where do I send the Thank You cards?

And I would appreciate continued picks against the Skins for the rest of the football season.

Modian… where are you from?
I am stuck up here in Baltimore, threatened by purple and black anytime I step out in my Redskins coat, or any of my many sweatshirts. It never stops me though.

Darrell Green is my hero, has been for about 10 years now. He must have Energizers up his ass or something.

I didn’t tell my wife until after she agreed on the burgandy and gold colors for our wedding that it was based on the Redskins. (1997)

:eek: <—Actually, I think this is the face you’d have under those conditions!!

Depends if those are AAAs, Ds or 6V Lantern Batteries (cringe).

Be warned though, the 'queens will be limping home with a 1 in the loss column. Now, do I start McNown or Bledsoe this week…

I just wanted to pop in and say that I specifically came over here this afternoon in order to read this thread.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. This is really fun to read, Gazoo.

As far as this week goes… uh, let me just say that I hope the Bucs make good use of their week off.

Thank you.

Wow, thanks man. I’m glad people get a kick out of it, I not only enjoy writing it, I love taking and dishing out the trash talk that follows as well. (And it makes Thursday afternoon and Friday go a little quicker at work.)

Hey Gazoo? The thank you card for last week’s Skins win is on the way. :smiley:

Here’s hoping it works for ONE MORE WEEK…

I’m down in Centreville, VA. No problem stepping out of my house in the burgandy and gold :slight_smile:

I just get embarrassed wearing my orange and gold. Angelos shoulda sucked it up and kept Johnson. But we’ll get our own team eventually, and get our embarrassment from them, hehe.

doh, orange and BLACK


That’s more like it! That’s what I want to hear…trash talk. None of that namby-pamby “Vikes are for real” stuff.

I wish I could forward these remarks right to Randy Moss. When Merrill Hoge (that no-good has-been-that-never-was) dissed him, Randy answered quite well–on the field.