NFL rumors: Hey we do not Want Moss!

Speaking as an (the only) Arizona Cards Fan here on the boards, We do not want Moss!

The past week on on their rumor page they keep bringing my Beloved Cards as an option for the bidding war which might get Moss traded from the Vikes to somewhere else for the start of the 2005 season.

No Fucking WAY we want him!

Is he a WR of great talent? Absolutely!

Why not then? We have a damn good recieveing corp as it is. Very young, but will be a force to recognize in the years to come. Fitz, Boldin and Johnson are going to be real good.
So, what in the world would we trade Berry and draft picks for Moss? Without Berry we have whom to rush the passer? Sure we the Cards have a few other young Defensive players to trade… Not a chance… For once we were in the top 15 in defense, we shall get better, but not by trading good players on defnese for a player of great talent in a position we are stong at.

What do we need? a RB maybe a new QB some consistancy on the O-line. The defense is coming around, If we draft like we did in 2004 the depth will imporve as well.
Trade for Moss? Fuck no. I could see trading for Brees or Henry or even for a RB out of Denver.
If the vikes want to trade Moss fine by me, trade him for all he is worth, just not to us damn it.

I can’t imagine my Steelers taking him, even if we were desparate for a WR. He just doesn’t fit into their style.

You’re not the only Az Cards fan on here. I’ve been a long-suffering Cards fan. I agree we don’t need Moss. The Cards have two excellent receivers. A new quarterback is a much better idea.

The Minn papers have been talking about a trade with Moss and Michael Bennett (rb) to AZ. Green drafted him, send him back to him is their reasoning.

Oh you guys will have a blast with him… :stuck_out_tongue:

Randy Moss playing for the Arizona Cardinals?

Sweet, sweet irony. :smiley:

There’s a doper named Cardsfan, I think, but I don’t know if it refers to football or baseball. Or maybe he just really likes Magic: The Gathering.

Speaking as one of the few Saints fans here, I wouldn’t want Moss on my (admittedly pretty awful) team either. We have, uh…Joe Horn!

If a player of Moss’s caliber becomes available, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan Snyder decided to go for him. Especially since they’s decided that the WRs are the ones the Skins need fixed. He never could resist playing Fantasy Football.

Sorry guys. He’s going to Oakland. He would fit in great with the Raider’s style and attitude. :wink:

Ah glad to see a fellow victim of the Bidwell family.

We are going to get better I am having high hopes, which I have not had since we has Rice ,Wadsworth, Swan and Smith. what was supposed to be the baddest front four. Then the injuries came.

Lets hope for a good off season for us maybe we can Start a Ariz Cards to the Superbowl thread next season.

Any team that gets him will be sorry they did…

I agree with the OP in that I think the Cards have the second best receiving corps (core?) in the league, behind only the Steelers. No need for Moss on either team.

The Jets could use him. Which reminds me, thanks much Denny Green for releasing Pete Kendall. What the hell was that about? I trust my suspicion that he was let go because he was guilty of Playing While White is unfounded…

Denny Green is hugely popular with ownership because he didn’t draft a super-expensive QB in the first round. Ownership doesn’t like to spend money. I’d look for a second-tier starter free agent to come in. Kurt Warner? Drew Bledsoe? Brian Griese? Drew Brees would be too expensive. It’s not the cap; it’s the owner’s wallet that is at issue.

Don’t get your hopes up, the Phoenix Cardinals will never win anything as long as that loser Bill Bidwill owns the team.

The Broncos could sure use a wide receiver of Moss’ quality, but I can’t see Shanahan putting up with him for more than about 23 seconds.

Since when have the Raiders even remotely resembled the squads from the 60s and 70s? I haven’t seen much grit from those guys lately.

But you’re certainly right that it would be a classic Al Davis acquisition…

My prediction is that they trade Moss to Dallas for a huge number of players, making up for the Herschel Walker deal.

Don’t even joke about that. It’s not funny. I mean, yeah, we have holes to fill. Yeah, we have LOTS of holes to fill and we need good players. But there’s more to being “good” then catching a ball on the run. And Moss is an asshat of epic proportions. I don’t want him in my town. And I can’t imagine either Jerry or The Monumental Tuna putting up with his shit.

The steeler WR’s are good, I believe Arizona will be better still with age. the three reciever set going into the 2005 season will have had a total of 4 years NFL experience. Less if you count half the year Boldin missed due to injury.

He was let go when the rookie center did exceptionally well in training camp. In with the new out with the old.

There should be a few FA Qbs worth looking at. Brad Johnson will be let go from Tampa, he did have a good year under Green in Vike land. Mark Brunell might be interesting for a second look, as would Warner. I think Griese will remain with Tampa. I could see Green convincing Ownership to spring a good bit for Brees. Ownership is under the gun with the new stadium going up. They are in need of a winning team and a growing local fan base to come out and see the games.

I do not think trading draft picks and players to SD for Brees is a good idea, but It would be a heck of a lot better than a deal for The fucking scarecrow of the NFL. Let him follow Toto and Tinman somewhere else!

The only trade I see them (my beloved Cards) making is a second rounder for Henry.

I was sort of hoping for this to happen as I haven’t been able to really hate the Cowboys since Irvin left.

The rumor I think is very plausible is Moss going to Baltimore to help their offense.

I don’t think Moss is going anywhere. He’s too valuable to the Vikings not just in terms of what he does on the field but in his ability to sell tickets. The Vikings have never failed to sell out a home game since he was drafted in '98 and there were a couple of really crappy seasons in there.

I also think his rep is greatly exaggerated. What has he really done that’s so “cancerous?” He faux-mooned a bunch of drunk hicks at a Packer game? Some meter maid jumped on his car and hassled him when he was high? He went to the locker room (literally) two seconds early?

That makes him a cancer?

There are guys playing in the league who have been arrested for assault, domestic violence, rape, murder [cough::Ray Lewis::cough], and at least one case of a dude who enjoys breaking into women’s homes and crapping in their closets. It is eminently laughable for Packer fans to bitch about Randy Moss’s moondance while simultaneously cheering for Najeh Davenpoop.

Randy has a very good reputation in the community and has done a lot that doesn’t get publicity, like buying houses for needy families (out of his own bank account, not just advocating or something. He shells out his own money and buys them houses), like starting reading programs for kids, then actually showing up to them, spending time with them and rewarding them. These are not league affiliated activities (although he does that stuff too) this is stuff above and beyond the normal NFL PR stuff that all players do and he puts a lot of his own cash into it.

He has not been arrested for beating his wife, or selling dope or for stabbing anyone in a nightclub. His teammates, to a man, all say his repuation is a media creation and that Randy is well liked in the locker room, that he’s a good team mate and hard worker who, until his hamstring injury this year, had never missed a practice or a game.

Frankly, I also don’t think there’s anyone else out there on any other team (with the possible exception of Michael Vick) who comes close to Randy’s value as an athlete. It would be stupid beyond belief to trade the most game breaking wide receiver in the history of the NFL for some iffy draft picks and some ok defensive players.

No way do the Vikings trade Moss.

If Moss is going anywhere, it’s got to be Baltimore. After getting spurned last year by T.O., they’re going to turn to the next best thing in Moss. And I’m pretty sure, he won’t be walking off the field early with some of those defensive guys keeping him in line.

As everyone has already said, why do the Cards need another receiver even one as good as Moss? Boldin, Fitzgerald, Johnson. Sounds good enough for me. Travis Henry in a Cards uniform makes as much sense to me as any possible off-season acquisition.

The Cards need a QB more than anything else. The way it is now, it’s like the Jake Plummer era was the golden years.