NFL Week 5

The point of the scare quotes was that in fact, Brady was not “hit” with any force. He was tapped on the helmet.

Wow Mason Crosby is unusually bad.
Packers are moving the ball, but are failing in the actual scoring part.


The pain that is the Packers game was too much, so I watched a bit of the Chiefs/Jags. Mahomes finally throws an interception, but my god Blake Bortles looks like … well, Blake Bortles.

McCarthy has made comments about opening up the playbook. I think it’s time, Mike.

Some surprising blowouts in the works today.

Also… Miami is good? And last I checked the Browns were ahead of the Ravens (and the Ravens aren’t slouches).

This year so far it seems really difficult to predict games.

Well at least it will not be a shutout (Pack just scored 8)

Mason Crosby is broken. If he’d made those kicks it’d be 31-30 instead of 31-20. Unbelievable.

Or maybe Green Bay would be ahead; those missed FGs gave the Lions some good field position a couple times.

Yipee, another overtime because of a missed XP and then a missed FG. These go well.

I’m starting to think the NFL head office is actively out to screw over the Browns.

63-yard FG with no time left by Carolina to win it, that’s pretty impressive. It looked like he could have made it 5 more yards.

There was a grudge there - after the move and all that stuff in the 90s where the city and Browns fans had huge protests and court cases and stuff and dragged the NFL through the (unprecedented?) process of having the city retain the name/colors/etc the NFL was more than happy to screw the new Browns. One of the local sportswriters has a book how they deliberately delayed creating a new ownership team of the new team and change the expansion draft rules to actively screw the Browns by ensuring they wouldn’t have time to get together a staff nor the assets to start a viable expansion team.

How does that translate to every random ref crew? I don’t know, I think antipathy of that nature, combined with being a joke of a team (mission accomplished, NFL!) kind of permeates the atmosphere and affects them to some degree.

Falcons are 1 - 4. That’s surprising. They have a lot of firepower but the D doesn’t look very good.

4 OT games from the Browns out of 5 games this year, 3 of which ran down to the very end. Kind of ridiculous. Almost got an unprecedented second tie today.

Joseph made a game winning kick but probably should be cut anyway. There has to be some kind of decent kicker out there, right? Anyway, he kicked a crazy ass wobbler that I thought was blocked and barely made it in from 37. The Browns are 5-0 with a bad, rather than abysmal, kicking game.

Cincinnati keeps managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, this time on the back of TWO defensive line pick six returns (!!!???).

And in this vein I had written off this week as a loss for Seattle, now that seemed overly pessimistic. This has been a real game.

No, 3 OT games for Cleveland, in which they are 1-1-1. They had an OT drought for a couple of weeks there, but they are back at it, with infinitely more wins than last year and a non-losing record, so far.

Another inexplicable call against the Giants: 4th quarter, Giants down by 4, Panthers have the ball, 3rd and 13. Cam Newton throws the ball, Landon Collins cuts it off underneath trying for the interception, coming in from the side, bounces just off his hands, incomplete.

But wait! The receiver, who was behind Collins, came back for the ball and dove for it, hitting Collins in the back of the helmet with his helmet. Unsportsmanlike conduct on Collins, automatic 1st down. (EDIT: Here’s video on twitter, if it doesn’t get taken down.)

What the ever-loving fuck?

Fines will almost certainly be forthcoming against the Giants, because they’re pissed. When asked what the mood was like in the locker room after that loss, Landon Collins said “The mood is we need better refs.” Damn!

Janoris Jenkins answered every question: “We need better refs.” Over and over and over.

Agreed. That penalty should have been called on Michael Thomas.

I just watched the highlights of the Panthers/Giants game and that play was included in them. I agree it was a bogus call, especially since it was clear as day that the defender was playing the ball for the INT and the glancing side of the helmet to the Giants player’s helmet was purely incidental and should not have drawn a flag… There were some wacky plays in that game too.

Last week, the four main rookie QBs got beat. This week, they all won. What a year so far.