NFL Week 5

Winning smooths over all problems or I’d be bitching about the refs in the Browns/Ravens games. At one point the penalties given out were 13 vs 0. Now I’m not someone who thinks penalties need to be balanced - after all, maybe the Ravens simply didn’t commit them - except that wasn’t the case here. The Ravens were getting away with regular holding going uncalled, whereas the Browns twice had pass rushers slip on their way to the QB and got phantom holding calls against them. Just generally very poorly officiated. So if we lost by 3 in OT to that bullshit I’d have been pissed. But won in spite of it. Just wonder how long it’ll take to stop getting some of the “lol Browns” ref treatment.

Christ, Jon Gruden’s return to Oakland is a mess. And he can blame himself for a lot of it.

I’m a Baker Mayfield fan. I don’t know if he’s a stud QB or not, but I think he is passionate and intelligent. He wants to win.

I think it’s fair to put a lot of the credit for the Browns’ success on his shoulders. Not all but a lot.

Joe Webb sighting!

I want this college coach gone from this team so bad. Argh, O’Brien. Judging by other Texans fans and beat writers’ twitter and stuff, O’Brien is trying to get Watson killed for some reason.

Both of these teams are hot trash right now, and as crazy as the League is this year, both may make the playoffs. Though they aren’t beating the Rams or Chiefs so far.

Another week, another mess of shitty penalties in the name of player safety. There was a roughing the passer against the Ravens that I thought was weak, but maybe by the letter of the law was technically the correct call. The Eagles had a bad one against them. The Steelers had a curious roughing call against them.

The worst part is that it seems players and coaches have no understanding of these rules.

Michael Bennett “roughing” Kirk Cousins

From here:

No intent to injure. Nobody got hurt (except maybe Bennett when Cousins fell on him). Pretty bad, NFL. Here’s hoping this rule gets clarified quickly.

Those fouls aren’t dependent on intent though (as was pointed out to me earlier). It’s based on what you did. Hitting a QB in the legs has been a no-no for a while, that’s not an example of the new sensitivity they have this season. That would have been a penalty the last couple of seasons at least.

Now what likely won’t happen is a fine on top of the penalty because I believe you’re right, it was unintentional and he tried to avoid hurting him. And I know what kind of player Michael is, I’ve been watching him as a Seahawk for the past 5 years or so and he’s not dirty (generally he only gets penalized for offsides but that I admit he does that a lot). He’s not a Ndamukong Suh trying to actually injure a QB.

This one seemed more like “tackling the QB (gently) by the legs”

I don’t like the 10 minute overtimes. There have been 2 ties already this year and at least 2 games I know of that came within seconds of ending in ties.

For any Giants fans out there: Is Ereck Flowers just totally unsalvageable? Because the Giants are evidently going to cut him by tomorrow if there’s no deal for him.

I wonder if the Texans, with their near-League-worst offensive line should even bother looking at him.

Ajayi tore his ACL and is being put on IR

That seemed to come out of nowhere.

Do they usually stop a game entirely for a while when a record like this gets broken? Not that I mind, I just don’t remember such a big stoppage in the past.

Totally unsalvageable; good riddance to bad rubbish.

He’s got the physical tools, does not have the mental discipline (so he commits a ton of penalties), has a terrible attitude, poor work ethic, and is uncoachable.

He only started for the Giants because they sunk a 1st round pick on him. Every year he started the Giants have been a joke. Obviously you can’t lay the blame for the entire team at the feet of one guy, but his contribution to that awfulness while starting at LT was non-trivial. This year the new coaching staff finally moved him over to RT, where he was even worse, losing his starting job within a couple weeks and now getting cut a couple weeks later.

I seem to recall a break when Brett Favre broke some record (Yards? TDs? I forget, but it was a record that stood for a while)


I think they stopped it for a while for Emmitt Smith’s rushing yards record.

Thanks. I remember hearing he was a turd, but I don’t follow the team or the League that much and it’s good hearing from someone who does. Oh well, if a LT were any good, it’s unlikely he’d be on the market.

In other news, DeShaun Watson is day to day with a “chest injury.” Rumor floating around that it’s a cracked rib. It was enough to take the HOU-BUF game off many sports books for a bit. No idea if he plays this week or not.

I’m not a Texans fan but Watson is so fun to watch I keep hoping he can play. His ACL injury was such a disappointment. I hope he can stay healthy enough to have a real QB career.

Same here. On another note, the Bengals keep quasi-flying under the radar at 4-1 going into a crucial game against Pittsburgh. I scored free tickets at work and am taking my 16 year old son, also a Bengals fan. I’m bringing him mostly as my anti-Steelers fan enforcer.