NFL week #8: Why are my beloved Rams NOT favored over the Steelers?

What gives here? The Rams have a better record and are computer-ranked higher, but a local paper with a betting line sez that the Steelers are favored by a point and a fraction. Huh?

I am a little surprised at it too. But the Rams record is 4-0 at home in the dome, and 0-2 on the road. Playing on grass negates the Rams speed and the Steelers have had an extra week to prepare.

I, for one, do not see anything amiss here. Let’s look at the facts: we are comparing the Rams to the Steelers. To the STEELERS.

Actually, it might be because we (err, the Steelers) are traditionally late bloomers. It’s not often that the year starts off on a definite strong note, but for the most part they can hold their own. Of course, your local paper might have some different reasons. Anyway, I’ll stick by them, and I’m glad to see the papers down in Rams country are seeing the light :wink:

I live not in Rams country. I live in Jets/Giants country! Believe me, it has not been easy for me in the football fan department lo these past 35 years!

Yea, the Rams won it all just a few years ago, the Stillers haven’t sniffed victory for goin on 25 years now. What is your point?

Aye, I am painfully aware of the fact that we have not had a Super Bowl victory since 1980. My point was…well, I guess I did not really have much of one. Most of the post was rather tongue-in-cheek, and not meant in all seriousness. I am well aware of what shortcomings we might have, but I what kind of fan would I be if I went around dwelling on them? I suppose I should have known better than to wander into a discussion with “my beloved Rams” in the title…

Okay, evereybody chill.

Zoso, for the record, I had no problem with the tone of your post. The Winky was a clear cue that you were not posting to spoil for a fight.

Still, your post was partisan bluster (again, no problem there) disguising itself as a legit rationale. That little bait and switch was the blood that Weirddave smelled.

C’mon, where are all the football knowitalls this morning? I want answers.

Shoulda posted this in GQ, I guess.

I always figure the home field advantage gives a team three points in the spread. In this sense, then, the oddsmakers are saying the Rams are the better team.

Remember though, the spread is not a statement about probable outcomes but rather is the point difference that will get half of the betting action on each of the two teams.

This line doesn’t make sense to me either. Three or four weeks ago, maybe, but now Bulger is established as the starter, the defense is playing very well, and the Steelers are scrambling to find answers on offense (i.e. Bettis gets the nod over Zeroue this weekend). Even with Bettis starting, the Steelers O-line is in shambles. The left side couldn’t stop a gentle breeze…

I’d say, even though you are a Steelers fan, than the spread is ‘kooky’ and this is an opportunity to make a little money. If you can bring yourself to bet against your own boys…

Shall we make this the predictions thread for the week? to answer your question, though others have given the reasons. On the odds (btw, Vegas has the same odds as your local paper without the .5) a lot of things factor into the favorite. There’s home field advantage (Steelers have a good crowd), injuries, and historical info as 5-Time Champ mentioned, the Rams have been losing on the road

Sniffed? Where the hell were you just before Neil O’Donnell* threw away the Super Bowl against Dallas? That was less than 25 years ago. I think being in the Super Bowl is at least a sniff.

The odds makers can say what they want; the only thing riding on that is money. I’d like to be optimistic about this game- but I’m sure it will be a track meet on the part of the Rams.

Someone on ESPN pointed out that the Steelers talent pool has been drying up since the loss of Tom Donahoe. People around the league think that Cowher’s job is on the line. That’s not true. Cowher has the Rooneys behind him, it will take more than one losing season to oust him.

I have to say take the Rams. The only guarantee left is the Steelers taking Baltimore down with them. I had a feeling that Cincy was going to embarass them, and I have the same feeling for the upcoming game. I just hope that the Ravens playoff chances require them to win, and the Steelers spoil it for them. Just for Dave.

When do our FF teams play again, Dave? The Steelers have problems winning but I don’t. (At least against you…:smiley: )

*Apologies to Airman Doors for mentioning the Hated One.

My Picks.

Last week was crapshoot and I got my head handed to me. On a positive note though, I did predict the Niners win and the Oakland loss, so I don’t feel like a total idiot.

Carolina @ NEW ORLEANS 1, 39

Looking at the stats, these teams have similar numbers. I can’t explain the Saints dismal start, but I think they can win this game and begin to salvage some of their season. Seems Vegas agrees. Saints by a touch, over.

Cleveland @ NEW ENGLAND 6, 38

I think Cleveland gets the upset in this game if Holcomb starts. My money is on Holcomb starting, with the support of the team. Take the over.
Dallas @ TAMPA BAY 7, 37

I would have liked to call Dallas to win this game especially after the Bucs humiliating defeat to the NIners last week. But this is where the wheat gets separated form the chaff. Quincy Carter is not Jeff Garcia and the pressure of the Bucs DL will get to him and often. TB wins and covers, over.

Denver @ BALTIMORE 1, 40

I’ll take Baltimore over a team with an X factor at QB. Baltimore wins and covers, under.

Detroit @ CHICAGO 3, off

In keeping with my tendency to call atleast 2 upsets per week. I’m going to throw this game to Detroit. Call it a hunch.

NY Blues @ MINNESOTA 6, 44

if this game had been in New Jersey, I’d be temted to call Giants. That throw the ball up for Randy Moss has got to get clobbered one day, but not this one. Minnesota with the Giants beating the spread. Over.

SEATTLE @ Cincinatti 2, 42

Sounds right.

ST. Louis @ PITTS 1, 47

Any team that relies on finesse does poorly against hostile crowds. You’ll see that in this game. This game could go either way, but I’ll take the Steelers by three. Under.

TENNESSEE @ Jacksonville 3.5, 44

I can’t imagine this one being even close. Titans win and cover, under.

SAN FRANCISCO @ Arizona 7, 42

Or this one. Niners win and cover, over.
Houston @ INDY 13, 42

Or this one. Indy wins, Houston covers, over.

NY Green @ PHILLY 3, 38

Penningtons back albeit it off the bench. I’m not sure I agree with that decision. Either you’re back or you aint. Wisy washiness, losses NY a game that on paper they could win. The line is fine.
Buffalo @ KC 6.5, 45

MNF was the first I got to see of KCs play all year and I wasn’t impressed. if Buffalo keepis it away from Hall or at least keeps him in check, Buffalo pulls one out. That’s what I say happens. Buffalo upset.

MIAMI @ San Diego 3.5, 37.5

Can’t think of a thing to add.

Rams win 33-21.

So there!

This post’s a bit late, I suppose, but remember the Rams started a third-string tailback who was an undrafted free agent at the beginning of the season. Not exactly a sure fire prospect with only one decent performance under his belt.

Having said that, the Rams being out of the dome probably had more to do with it.

When will y’all learn not to pick a team over the Panthers?

Sweep the Saints this year.

Oh yeahhh.