NFL Wild-Card Weekend

Wow, I’m a Bengals fan, but I’m not exactly sure where the “interference” was on that pass play to 85. Guess the zebras are in someone’s pay… :dubious: :stuck_out_tongue:

<sigh> What an awful performance by the passing offense. Palmer has been very poor. Ochocinco totally shut down by the kid across the line. And two missed field goals. Obviously, shutting it down against the team you are going to play the next week isn’t how you win a playoff game. :mad:


Can’t blame Kimo for that one, so whose fault is it this time?

There was a particularly stark contrast between Feely and Graham. Feely kicks well and steps in and punts well too. Graham misses a pair of very make-able kicks.

Benson did look pretty good though, and if Ochocinco could have just reeled in that pass in the endzone it could have been a hell of a finish. It was strange that Shonn Greene was so much more effective than Jones.


That was a pretty lame call. I’m surprised the Jets took it so nonchalantly.

Well I was rooting for the Jets, but my condolences to Bengals fans.

Glad I added that caveat.

Heh. This is two straight playoff games Carson Palmer has stopped playing early.

Props to the Cincy rushing game, which certainly did IT’s part. And the defense cannot really be blamed for the loss, either.

Now we get to see what the Iggles and the Cowpokes manage.

Philly is imploding . Ugly, ugly football. The Lions could beat them today.

So when do the Steelers play this weekend? Oh, wait.

By the way, the obvious answer to your question is “Shayne Graham.”

I don’t want to over extrapolate, but in the two games stud recievers (OchoChokeo, Jackson) have been taken totally out of their games by good secondary play. It will be interesting to see how Arizona and the Patroits play(I expect both to lose) If they do lose, nearly every top flight wide receiver(Reggie Wayne is maybe around the 12th best IMO) will be out of the running by wild-card weekend.

Why, were those two field goals he missed from beyond the five point arc or something?

Did Shayne Graham go 18/36 for 146 yards with 1 TD and 1 pick?

Did Shayne Graham get pulled down on the rush and end up hitting Palmer in the leg?

Did Shayne Graham change his name to Shayne Unosiete and catch two balls for 28 yards?

Maybe Shayne Graham went cold from rolling over and playing dead in week 16 of the regular season.

Or are you just singling out one choker on a team of perennial chokers and bunglers and criminals?

Missed the Iggles-Boys game, but it’s what I expected. I did expect the Bengals to play better but don’t care that they didn’t. I actually had them going as far as the AFC CG, but the playoffs just have a choke factor that is really unpredictable. Looking forward to tomorrow’s games, even though I don’t care who wins (thought it would be nice to see the Packers sent Packing, I would also enjoy seeing them get chewed up by the Saints next week).

There were a couple really lame calls. Plus it was annoying (though not lame from ticky tack calls) watching Feely make a FG, then remake it 5 yards back after a penalty, then have to punt after the second successful kick was called back by another penalty.

I think the Jets, and Revis in particular, took the bad Illegal Contact calls so nonchalantly because they knew they owned the Cinci offense.

The real story was Sanchez catching fire, playing his best statistical day ever as pro in his first playoff game. Outside in cold weather.

Not sure why both Thomas Jones and Marion Barber were such nonfactors in their games. Kind of annoying for my fantasy teams. Oh well, at least both teams I was rooting for won.

Wow, so far I’m 0 for 2. I really am bad at this picking thing.

I’m proud of what the Bengals accomplished this season in the face of adversity, some crippling defensive injuries and a lack of good oline talent. We’ll reload and be back next season.

Also, Bob Bratkowski needs to go. Cedric Benson was a man amongst boys out there and for some reason it was throw, throw, throw, resulting in being high, apparently.

Revis can’t cover Susanna Hoffs, no way.

Does New England know this game is kind of importatnt?

Wow - the Patriots are stinking out the joint!

It’s a dream weekend for Jets fans…

God I’m loving this.