NHL: February 2016

I know it’s a little late in the month, but we’re getting closer to the trade deadline and playoff pushes. The Blackhawks got an ugly look at Bad Corey Crawford last night and it was a reminder of why Scott Darling got playoff starts last year. It’ll be a fun battle for the Central, I haven’t followed the Stars much this season but they’re definitely an exciting offensive team.

The talk around here is, of course, the massive Leafs-Sens deal that sees Dion Phaneuf shipped to Ottawa. Phaneuf’s debut with Ottawa was absolutely terrible, so right now Toronto is crowing.

Speaking as a Sens fan, I don’t really grasp the trade even in a best case scenario. Your best case scenario is that Phaneuf revitalizes the defence (he sure didn’t against Detroit, but oh well) and they make a push and finish eighth. Then they will be annihilated by Washington, season over, and you’re on the 2016-2017 short a second round pick, with a worse first round pick, and a year-older Dion Phaneuf making eight million a year or whatever it is.

The WORST case scenario is exactly like that except without a couple of home playoff games this year.

From Toronto’s perspective, they did take on a lot of dead or nearly-dead weight to unload Phaneuf, but none on long term deals and frankly it’s a change that had to be made. Plus they get a second round pick.

I’ve long been an advocate of the position that human refs make mistakes and that is part of the game, just like players making mistakes. Long term, I suspect it evens out.

Does the NHL have an internal review of missed calls that results in feedback to the officials post-game? Making such reviews public would have little positive benefit and would lead to endless arguments about cherry-picked stats.

This Wings-Bruins game isn’t gonna be shown on any goalie highlight reels. But it’s fun.

Lamoriello won this trade. I’m thrilled the Leafs are done with Phaneuf’s contract. I don’t mind Dion as a player, but his contract was for too much and for too long. He’s a decent first or second line defenceman and should be making 4 or 5, not 7.

Oh well, bring on Auston Matthews. :slight_smile:

So I just saw a penalty called against Detroit that I don’t think I have ever seen before. Howard dropped his stick and Abdelkader pushed it back to him with his stick. The box score says it is an illegal equipment penalty. It seems that picking up the stick and handing it to Howard would have been fine but pushing it with his stick was a penalty.

But if you touch the puck while holding 2 sticks, I think that is a penalty as well. :wink:

Nope; if Abdelkader had picked up the stick to hand it back to Howard he would have been hit with an illegal equipment penalty for having 2 sticks.

Not true. There’s an explicit exemption allowing players to fetch a stuck for the goaltender as long as they don’t otherwise participate with the play while holding two sticks.

It is a penalty to try to bring a second player’s stick to a player.

:smack: You are correct; I forgot Howard was their goalie. Mea culpa.

Go Blackhawks! Helluva game tonight against the hapless Leafs!

While it sucks that my Pens lost tonight, I have to wish Jagr a happy birthday. 44 years old – oldest player in the League!!! (I really hope we retire his number someday)

I have a vague memory of a delay of game penalty being called when a player from the opposing team moves an opponents dropped stick. Is that the rule? What about a broken stick, can you move it out of your way?

It’s a minor interference penalty to prevent an opponent from retrieving a dropped stick. Maybe that’s what you’re remembering?

At the rate he’s going you’ll be retiring his age.

The Islanders want out of their Brooklyn lease. Not even one full season. http://nhl.nbcsports.com/2016/02/20/report-islanders-are-looking-to-get-out-of-brooklyn/?utm_network=facebook&utm_post=5180986&utm_source=FB%20-%20NHL%20on%20NBC%20Sports&utm_tags=srm[article%2Chockey]

A couple of the hockey blogs I read mention high ticket prices and awful sight lines. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team want a new stadium in the very first year!

Well Erik Karlsson has a nice goal and an assist for the Red Wings tonight.

The first 2016 Stadium Series games is today in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild.

Let’s go 'Hawks!

Next week it’s the Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche in Denver.

I love the outdoor games; the Winter Classic has been a favorite since the first one back in 2008.

Congrats to Jagr on scoring 2 goals to pass Brett Hull for third on the all-time list.

Grats to Jagr and grats to the well-prepared Minnesota Wild on their Stadium Series win today.