Nikita season 4 starts Nov. 22nd

I did a search and the last thread is from 2011 so I don’t imagine there will be much interest, but here’s a thread for people who want to dis the show.

Honestly, it’s one of those shows that I mostly find frustrating to watch but does occasionally have its moments. It looks like they’ll have a new and more mysterious ‘big bad’ this season which is probably the best we can hope for.

I don’t like that even before it starts they’re pushing it as the final season.

Thanks. I had no idea so I checked Wikipediaand found this.

I thought it was odd to have a mid-November premier but since I don’t watch anything live, I didn’t really think much of it. That does work out perfectly though for whatever show it’s replacing until mid-season. Probably a pretty smart call for the network.

I think the show was probably on borrowed time since the end of season 2. They did do an admirable job of trying to revamp the structure of the show around the new non-Division Division. Six episodes should be enough to tie the story up in a nice bow. They did that with 666 Park Ave. really well.

Wow, they’re pretty much dumping the eps. Though November is a sweeps month, the holiday screws up the latter part so a lot of shows don’t bother with new eps the week of Thanksgiving thru New Years, so all six eps are getting dumped into a trough when they figure no one’s watching anyway.

So nobody’s watching?

I watched them all. I’m torn.

On the one hand, I really like the show and the characters. Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca are hot.

On the other hand, each season has been running toward a “this should be the finale” moment and somehow kept rejuvenating. It started to get old.

I enjoyed that they made these 6 episodes to wrap up the story. I generally liked the resolution. The finale gave a real sense of accomplishment to the group and made the destruction of Division seem complete. They managed to resolve not just Division once and for all, but the forces that put it in place.

And Amanda got her just deserts.

Though I do feel irked with

locking her in that stand thing like that. Is that supposed to be permanent? Really? I don’t think you could keep a person like that for long. Feeding her would be a real challenge. Especially if trying to actively impede all contact with actual living humans that she might manipulate.

The other point I can’t figure out

[spoiler]Did they actually intend to have a trial for all of those members of “The Group”? I guess once they wrapped all that up, then they could come forward with their final announcement of their shocking "We uncovered the final elements of the big plot that Nikita was telling us all about that we thought was over. Wasn’t the concern that bringing all that public again would be a disaster? But then what else can you do? Drop all those people in a hole and forget about them? But then how is that really any better than just killing them?

And what about Amanda? Does she get a trial?[/spoiler]

I watched. I learned. I loved. Okay, maybe just the watched part.

The show has been feeling like it’s retreading the same ground for a while, so this was a pretty good resolution, all in all. Perhaps an altered focus that didn’t have every episode be arc-driven would have lasted longer, but c’est la vie. I enjoyed the Club Besson reference in Paris a couple of episodes back.

For your first spoiler, this show (and the Nikita concept) pretty much owes everything to the “rule of cool”, so I can’t say that it bothers me much. It made a good visual.

The second spoiler I think you can handwave away with secret trials or whatever, but again not really something to think hard about.