Nikki Haley for President-Trumps plan

Of course this is pure speculation, but I am trying to figure out the most surprising selection so far: Gov. Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador. In a field of old white men she sticks out…

How about this for a reason: Trump is planning to not run for re-election but instead support Sec. of State Haley in 2020.
He is all about the deal. He got the US to sign on the dotted line in 2016. Now he is planning his next big deal. That is what he does, that is what he lives for.

He isn’t going to satisfy the hard right-he isn’t one and isn’t going to cater to their demands. He isn’t going to bring back the good old days in the rust belt-no one can. So he needs a new set of investors.
So he called up Gov Haley and offered her the following opportunity.
Take the job of Amb. to the UN for 2 years. Learn about national and international affairs and introduce herself to the rest of the world. After that training, Trump will offer her the Sec. of State position. Whoever is keeping the seat warm will retire to spend more time with their family-Trump is good at firing people. When the 2020 primaries roll around, Trump will announce he isn’t running for re-election. Maybe he will set up a foundation or something. And he thinks SOS Haley would be the perfect Republican candidate to succeed him. With him holding the narrative in DC no one else, including Pence, would be able to out campaign her. With her resume appealing to moderate democrats and minorities (remember she got rid of the confederate flag in S.C. never mind that it is creeping back) and her conservative background, I think she could easily be the first woman president. And she would be completely the creation of Trump. While of course there would be no quid pro quo, she would know who she owes her position to.

Anything is possible, but I think you’re giving Trump too much credit as a thinker and long-term strategist.

UN ambassador generally hasn’t been a stepping stone to high office. Yes, there was Bush the Elder, but that’s about it.

If Trump announces he’s not running for a second term, I doubt very much anyone is gonna give a crap who he’s groomed to be his successor. I also don’t think it suits his personality to even worry about that in the first place. What possible reason do you have to think Trump wants to hand off to Haley? Why her over any of the other people he’ll end up selecting for various posts?

Just because there are dots, it does not mean that they should be connected. :slight_smile:

Yeah, she’s a white woman who’s not *too *old. Wow. That’s diversity.

Oh, wait, there’s TWO white women now… one blond and one brunette. Diversity squared!

Wow, she’s white? Wonder how her parents got names like Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa.

Her family is from India.

There are only 2 reasons:

  1. It helps calm the claims that his appointments aren’t diverse.
  2. Haley is term limited in 2018. She wants some foreign policy experience. It’s a win win for both Trump and Haley since the Lt. Governor of South Carolina is a hard core Trumper. This insulates Trump from a Haley who might be willing to call out Trump on some of his more outrageous statements.

Maybe there’s a “plan”. What I mostly see is twitches and lurches.

Google “Caucasian” and “Bobby Jindal.” Oh, and “Norah Jones” while you’re there. :slight_smile:

Doubling down, eh? Nice.

A slight natural tan on a Trump Republican doesn’t change Whiteness. In every aspect from education to marriage to political stance, she’s rated four hoods on the KKK website.

This, Trump get’s to kill too birds with one stone. A non-white women in a cabinet position, and he can reward one of his loyal supporters with a governorship.

You figured this from reading the KKK’s official position paper on first/second generation Sikh Indian Americans I suppose.


I’ll let you google that yourself.

Do you at least have a title or how/where you found it?

I did try “first/second generation Sikh Indian Americans ku klux klan” and nothing looks like a match.

The Klan site has no search function.

I think the title is “Sikh Indians: Technically Caucasian but are they ‘White’?”

No, from the southern/Trumpian Republican kindness of letting “You’re As White As Me, S’Long as You’re Just As Hard Line” candidates of subcontinent heritage into the tent.

Jindal at least looks like his heritage; Haley looks like she has a touch of southern European. Shouldn’t give the swastika crowd too much heebie or jeebie.

I love these kind of rules that you get to bend and twist to fit whatever you happen to be arguing at the time.