Nitpicky: Change in Top Banner Link

In the past, when you would click on the “The Straight Dope” banner on the top of each page on the SDMB, you would be transferred to the Main SDMB Index Page. I used to use this to get to the index quickly when I was in the middle of browsing something else.

A few days ago, I noticed that the top banner would transfer you to the Straight Dope Homepage, instead of the SDMB index.

Is this a permanent change? I would prefer to have the top banner link to the SDMB index page, as otherwise I would have to slightly modify my browsing style. It is really no big deal, however.

There’s a link to Main SDMB Index page right beneath the banner anyway. So I prefer the new way. I could never find the small link to the homepage at the bottom of the pages fast enough.

I agree - while I’m adjusting my browsing style to remember the other link, I’m still at the point where 6 times out of 10 I’ll hit the banner link out of habit and only remember when I end up at the main SD page.
Not a huge deal, and eventually I’ll get my habits reset so I remember the right link all the time, but if it’s not a permanent change, I won’t work too hard to consciously change that habit. :slight_smile: