No, actually I'm NOT ignorant...

It’s mundane, pointless and I must share it.

I’m going through a phase of surrealist supermarket encounters lately.
Today’s offering was an elderly gent who staggered (literally) past me while I was unloading my trolley.
He turned and said, "Oh, you’re so ignorant! "

:confused: :dubious: :smiley:
He meant arrogant - I must have popped into the checkout lane he had his eye on.

He called me ignorant, without knowing what it meant.
What’s your best missinsult?

Once I was working my way through a crowded train platform and as I squeezed past a rather large Black woman she poked me and said, “Watch who you’re shoving, N*****!”

I glanced back at her, and continued on my way, shaking my head. I’m about as white as you can get.

Two that happened to my wife, not to me. Nothing interesting ever happens to me, except her.

Once, in school, she was called White Trash. She’s Indian, and quite dark.

Then, several years later, a guy who was out with them as part of a large group commented on how nice her love handles looked, because he thought that calling them that was a compliment…

I guess that’s actually a miscompliment, rather than a misinsult, isn’t it?

She must have forgiven him though, because a couple of years later she went out with him, and they’re still BFF today.

Well, it didn’t happen to me, but the best I ever heard was when I worked at Sprint in the “retention” (cancellations) department. The black girl who sat across from me got off a call and started laughing til she had tears running down her face. I asked her what was so funny and she said that she had just had the most rude, hateful and ignorant Asian woman on the phone. The woman kept calling her a “nickel” and my friend could not figure out how “nickel” was an insult. When she hung up, it clicked.

Probably the best misinsult I ever got was when my sister, the moron, decided to use an insult our 94 year old grandmother had used on her. Grandma Weinke used to call my sister “impertinent.” She was, by the by. My sister, however; as mentioned already, is a moron. She called me “impotent.” I was 11 at the time and laughed til I cried. She was so very angry that I wasn’t bothered by being called impotent – that I finally explained to her what the word meant (did I mention that she is 3 years older than I – and a moron?) and that, pretty much by definition, yes I am impotent.

On the playground during recess when I was in the 4th grade, I called a girl a pessimist. (She had said something, well, pessimistic. I forget what.)

She turned on me angrily: “Did you just call me a PEST??!!!”

One dumb ass customer told an employee she “needs to lose some weight.”

She was 7 months pregnant.

When I was in kindergarten or first grade, I told a fellow pupil that believing in Santa Claus was “immature.” I was reported to the teacher for using a “bad word.”

I was “insulted” by a co-worker who said , “Oh, you’re probably one of those people who reads!” Why yes, yes I am.


A misinsult I have had thrown at me during serious discussion has been- " Well, aren’t you well-educated!"

Yes, I am , of course.

He might have actually meant ignorant.
As in, how ignorant of you not to know where he was headed when you could clearly see where he was going or read his mind that he was headed in that direction and he’s your elder!

Or he could be just a raving lunatic and was there to buy some new tinfoil for hats for his cats. :smiley:

FWIW, That’s how I read it, too. I’ve said that under my breath about clueless people who get ahead of me in line without thinking that I’m actually, you know…IN LINE!

Not that you intentionally did that, but perhaps this guy felt he was entitled to that spot.

Or he could be a lunatic, as **Kricket ** said.

I wouldn’t have found “ignorant” to be misplaced in that scenario. Rightly or wrongly, I’ve often heard “ignorant” used to describe someone whose manners are lacking, and if the elderly man believed you’d pushed in front of him, he was probably questioning your manners.

I (briefly) had a himbo boyfriend many years back. In an argument I accused him of infidelity, and he looked horrified for a moment before protesting at the top of his lungs “I can so get it up!”. Ugh. [tangent]This was the same guy who used to claim he’d searched for something “with a fine tooth and comb”. I couldn’t take it any more one day and I said through gritted teeth “it’s Fine. Tooth. Comb. Fine tooth comb. NOT fine tooth AND comb”. He looked confused and said “That doesn’t even make any sense. What the hell is a fine tooth comb?”[/tangent]

Not an insult, but when researching my family tree, I was unable to find my great great grandparent’s marriage record for many years thanks to some misspellings. Because of this, for a while I suspected the marriage had never taken place, and I said to my grandfather one day “I think your father was illegitimate.” Grandfather looked insulted and shot back “He didn’t go to school all that long, but he could read and write!”.


My father and I were called that by my sister once. She’s not a moron, but she’s had a few bright shining moments in her past.

When she was younger, she was fascinated with Russian-sounding names. She dreamed of having a daughter and naming her what she probably intended as Natasha. But she was a little confused on the pronunciation. “Really?”, I asked. “You really want to name your daughter Nausea?”

Hmmm…tinfoil hats for cats! What a great idea. If I can get tinfoil hats on the cats, then I wouldn’t have to wear one myself to keep their mind-control rays from…must open can of gushy-food…

shakes head Even if she wasn’t, who would tell an employee they needed to lose weight? Some people…

I’ve had a few employers that were just that tactless.

Notice the past tense in that statement.

Husband once attempted to insult me by telling me I read. :rolleyes:

Yep - I’d be oh so much better off gettin’ my learnin’ from Wheel of Fortune like you.

Me, too. I’ve often heard “ignorant” used as a synonym for “rude.” I always thought it was a local oddity since I never heard it used in that way anywhere but here, but I guess not if you Aussies use it that way, too.

Kythereia: browsing books in library

Girls: clustered at table, probably supposed to be doing homework, have their cellphones out

Girls: much muffled snickering and glancing in my direction

One girl: finally blurts out Nerd!
Kythereia**: blank look …Yes? Did you want something?

Not an Aussie, a Kiwi - and I’ve never heard it used in that way before, maybe he was Canadian? :wink: