No, Google Toolbar, The SDMB is not in Danish

and so I do not need you to translate it.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? I installed you and you had some interesting tools to use, but you keep coming out with ‘This page is in Danish/Korean/Estruscan, Would you like Google Toolbar to translate?’

No. It is not. As bad as some spellings might be I cannot imagine how this kind of bug keeps popping up.

Don’t make me remove you - I like the tools. Consider this your warning and remember what happened to the Yahoo Toolbar, which I am pretty sure I did not ask to have installed!

They tend to sneak them into program installers. It’s at least a way of making sure people actually start reading those things, instead of just habitually clicking next.\

I’ll check and see if there’s a way to turn off the translate feature for the bar.

Edit: Yip. Try the following link

Still, its good to be reminded that there is such a place as Denmark. Denmark! Where there are…Danes!

Maybe it thinks the Dope is made of pastry. After years of “when come back, bring pie”, it was bound to happen.

Well, according to Google’s Web site: Toolbar tilbyder nyttige søgeforslag, mens du skriver i søgefeltet. Selvom de fleste forslag stammer fra Google-søgninger, vil du også se forslag fra dine Google-bogmærker og din søgeoversigt. Toolbar fortæller dig det endda, hvis du har stavet et ord forkert og foreslår den korrekte stavemåde.

Hah! I KNEW it!

A moose bit my sister once.

Once was probably enough.

Bork Bork Bork!

(yes, I know that’s Swedish)

As a native Danish speaker, I am happy to inform you that the text makes perfect sense.

…yeah, but a bit wordy.:slight_smile:

I just translated this thread to Danish with Google Translate. Interestingly the Danish version is actually quite good - except, perhaps, for “when come back, bring pie” that translates roughly to “as they are returning, placing pie”. Sounds like a line from a song.

I think Adobe Acrobat Reader installs the Yahoo toolbar if you don’t explicitly uncheck the checkbox during the installation. At least it used to. So shady.

What’s worse is that I once had a program that installed it even when I deliberately unchecked it! I sincerely hope it was just an error in the installer.

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Uncle Eric? Is that you?

How does it detect pages that need translation anyway? I figured it would just read the line:
<html xmlns=“” dir=“ltr” lang=“en”>

But clearly that’s not the case.

No it doesn’t. At least not to me as I just hate it when a program tries to guess what I want to enter.

I love danish, perhaps more than pie. Wouldn’t the SDMB be better with a light, moist yet flaky crust? Therefore I have no problem with this. Those Google folks are genius!

I hate that too, but the text merely informs that this feature exists. The guesses might not make sense, but the description of the function does.