No, kitty, meatloaf is PEOPLE FOOD.

So I’m in the kitchen, earlier, talking to my dad, and behind us is a plate of my mother’s meatloaf, which is cooling so it can be wrapped up and put away. Now, in my house, this is a VERY bad idea. Because a certain little kitty has a thing for people food. She’s extremely picky when it comes to cat food-won’t touch dry stuff, will only eat certain kinds of the canned food. But dammit, if it’s meant for humans, she wants it! And so, I turn around to see Maggie enjoying my mother’s meatloaf.

My dad starts yelling, and I had to excuse myself to the bathroom, where I proceeded to howl.

Yes, I know I should have yelled at her first. But dammit, I’ve been cranky lately from the heat, and I just needed the laugh.

“There is no People Food. There is only Food the People Have Not Yet Served to Us.” — Churchill.

Not Winston, but the little orange guy who absorbed half of the smoked turkey I was eating tonight. :slight_smile:

You know what the worst of it was? I fed her a few hours ago, her favorite flavor, and she turned her nose up at it!

One of these days, I’m going to have myself a nice fur hat.