No!!! No!! Nonononononono!!!!!! (Warning: Buffy.)


My girlfriend got me into this show last year. I’m addicted, and now their going to kill it.

I’m very unhappy.

My only hope is that either A- The spinoff is really really good or B- Ms. Hannigan goes on to do porn.

Old news, but frightening picture. Someone needs to get that girl a cheeseburger!

Well, I knew that she hadn’t signed a new contract… as far as I knew, however, this is the first “official” news.

In case somebody wants to know what the hell the OP is talking about, without having to follow the link, it’s the cancellation of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Thank you.

Thread title emended to connote Buffiness.

If she’s leaving, it’s good to let it die. Remember the horror that was the last season of the X-Files.

Yeah, and who can forget **Laverne and no Shirley[/b}?

Linked articles does have (weak) spoilers.

I could be wrong, but with every new bit of information that trickles down to the spoilerwhores, a spinoff is more and more likely, and Joss indicated that it’s being pitched as a mid-season replacement.
Worked the first time around…

Dick York? Dick Sergeant? Like we wouldn’t notice!

Given the fact that SMG was easily the least appealing cast member (after Michelle Trachtenberg), I’m not overly disturbed about her going if they do something else. The only thing about it that completely bumbs me out is that Spikey loves her and I want Spikey to be happy, but not go away.

I can’t imagine that Joss will try to carry on without Spike, who is far and away the most popular character (though not with everyone, understood).

For this thread, this comic seems appropriate.

Well, now the pissed-off Buffy fans get payback for their spurning of “Firefly”.

[sub]just kidding :)[/sub]

Ah well.

At least I can get all the seasons on DVD.



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