No notification when thread is moved?

I was recently reading a thread and a few hours later it was moved (sorry, I dont remember from where to where) with no notification in the spot it used to be. Is my understanding correct? Is the OP notified in some way at least?
(I should clarify I am not using the word “notification” in the Discourse sense, I trust people still remember how it worked on the old boards). :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, Discourse does not leave a link to a moved thread in its original forum like vBulletin used to do. I always post a note when I move a thread. I suppose I could make that note a reply to the OP so that the OP would be informed of it. However, as far as I know that is not done automatically.

I try to add a note when I move a thread saying from where it came and where I moved it. But that doesn’t help if you haven’t marked it in someway.

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