No one has anything to say for an MMP?

I spent about two hours (maybe more) chopping wood. I only got around 70 pieces for the fireplace. I guess I’ll have to rent the log splitter again.

We’re having leftover pot roast for dinner.

Good luck with getting the in-laws moved and settled in Moooooom. What will happen with your BIL?

metal mouse, the last time that I ate at a chain buffet, it was only ~$10. I guess that it’s been a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

flyboy Careful with that log splitter.

Ah crap, I’ve got the hiccups.

He’ll be coming, too. MIL will start working on him so he can get used to the idea. So we’ll have to find an apartment for him.

I’m showered and ready for beddy even tho it’s not yet 8. I’s tahred!! I will crash shortly. Lots of laundry and mowage tomorrow. And it’s supposed to hit 89°! So that should be fun.

I retired two years ago today. I still feel like part of the company but just inactive. I was one of the rare people in the world who fit into my job like a round peg into a round hole, and I really loved it.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when you try to convince wifey that nothing will happen this time!

I’m still having some guilt feelings over lying to Mom, but she was quite the social butterfly before the world ended and she thrives on social interaction.

We will have a good time, and if I forget to bring the toaster, it will only be an hour away. I think I’m going to buy a small microwave, we missed having one in our room last time and this place doesn’t seem to the the sort to have one either.

FCM, have you looked into the costs involving renting a small ADA compliant apartment and then paying a housekeeper weekly and a home health worker to come in daily? This isn’t going to be cheap, but it might be a better option than paying for an assisted living home. They will be close, so you will be there often to help keep an eye on things. I wish you so much success, no matter what you do.

Good weed tends to take away all of my give-a-shits and lets me smile at trumpies, you might just think about it for a couple of years…

I am indulging a bunch today because we have a couple of guys over who are cutting up my oak tree. Every branch they cut off is as dry and dead as if it had died three years ago instead of three months. I feel like crying.

They are also cutting off a bunch of my climbing roses because the storms blew them off the roof and they are trying to peel off the lattice, which broke in the last storm.

I know the roses are going to come back, but that section of our yard looks TERRIBLE and I hate it.

Front yard watered, laundry dried and folded/put away and Big Bowl P’Sallit consumed. And I will now rest from my labors and internet for awhile before heading off to bed. Take care all.

hippie, hardly seems that long since you retired, you were here before you retired and it doesn’t seem like two years…but time flies when your having fun (or is it times fun when your having flies?).

FCM, understand why BIL will want to move there, just concerned he’ll be an added burden to an already busy schedule for you and FCD. Hang in there.

flyboy, remember, SPLIT LOGS ONLY!

OK, nite all and I’ll catch you on the next MMP.

‘That sure is a small pile of wood for two hours of work.’

‘Yes, it is. You are not going to get another log splitter.’

I cleaned, I napped. I signed up for eyeglasses(9/30) and COVID/flu shots(9/24). Watching Packers/Bears, and having a Wisconsin Old Fashioned. :football: :cheese: :tumbler_glass:

Flyboy: “I’m going to rent a log…”
Wife: “NO.


Actually, I posted the conversation. :wink:

Oops. I didn’t see that while I was typing. Blame Aaron Jones. :wink:

Been a great weekend! Friday was the reunion reception at the theatre (heavily remodeled since I was last inside); Saturday was the ghost tour of the theatre, followed by the reunion dinner at the country club. I was a bit surprised by some of the people who remembered me! Today I had lunch with an old shipmate I hadn’t seen since early '86, followed by a visit with a cousin – first time I’ve ever met anyone from my father’s side of the family.

Tomorrow morning I start for home.

Friends over outside for a successful birthday visit and she liked her gifts. We watched the squirrels for a long time and munched on pastries and cheese, crackers, and grapes.

When I had succulents going nuts on me - and because I had some free time but little money, and because I used cheap pots I didn’t care about - I posted extras on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, FiveMiles, etc. for a few bucks a pop as a little side hustle.

Made some money; made space for more plants. Win-win!

Umm …

Dammit. Now I want pot roast!

Update: I settled for chicken pot pie, instead of pot roast. Close enough.

Plus I finally have the munchies enough to be hungry for something approaching a proper meal, rather than a handful of dry cereal and maybe a cup of applesauce (e.g. last night’s dinner).

Heh, is pot the important word here? And good on you for the munchies. Eat, friend, eat!

Mrs. L.A. suggested I make it again next weekend. I told her I’d cook whatever she wishes.

I’d sure like a tuna pot pie. Haven’t seen them since I was a kid.

I remember those, they were pretty good! I was always a fan of tuna noodle casserole with cream of mushroom soup sauce as well. Peas were a nice extra if I had them.

The yard guys both mentioned having children so I told them about the surplus produce drive-throughs. They had never heard of it and were really interested because their kids love fruit and would happily devour all they can get.

The yard guys recently moved here from Maricopa County (I17 and Thunderbird, horrible place to raise children) and said that they hadn’t heard of a no-income limit food program out that way so I think this must be something some wonderful person got started and has continued despite the founder having been forgotten.

This really is a shame, food insecurity shouldn’t be happening when tons of almost out of date food goes to landfills.

I’m all connected to the CPAP in the sleep study lab. Really pretty comfortable since I’m used to a nasal 02 cannula. Just a pillow on my nose, nothing over my mouth.

My wonderful tech will ramp things up and down to titrate the settings to get it just right.

Now to read til I get sleepy. This is about 2 hours early for me. I’m more on @purplehorseshoe and doggio’s schedule. I promised myself a good breakfast in the hospital cafeteria in the morning. Bacon! Eggs!Toasted bagel! Marmalade!

Sleep tight, cheers!

You sleep well too! I really hope this helps you sleep and then wake up refreshed. Bad sleep is as much of a silent killer as chronic stress-and they can be an endless cycle of stress/no sleep/stress about no sleep/no sleep until something finally changes for the good.