No one has anything to say for an MMP?

It’s 2AM. My alarm is set for 3. I’ve been up over an hour. Dammit. Gonna be a long day…

Wait! there’s dairy-free Cherry Garcia?!?!? :scream: :grinning: I’m doomed.

We’re halfway through Jawja. Google maps says we’ll be home before 5. Google wouldn’t lie, would they?

Happy happy Sunday!!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 64 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 88 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. The big item on today’s agenda is deheathenization. I actually get to plop my butt down in the pew next to OYKW for the first time in three months, as I am not on the server schedule (which I make, btw) today. Now that I have let that be known, I’ll probably get a text or call from someone who woke up on their deathbed or some such. After we deheathenize, we shall head back to da cave for a sammich N.O,L., nappage, sloth, and general overall uselessness.

Hippie I like that switch.

Bright Tree YIKES! Glad you did not get stung/bit.

Cincy also YIKES! I know it had to hurt. It was painful just to read about.

FlyBoy glad the cast iron skillet will survive. Cast iron skillets are sacrosanct here in the southern U.S.of A. A favorite insult is: “Your mama’s cast iron skillet is rusty.”

Suze that sounds like a perfect Sattidy evenin’!

MetalMouse hope you enjoyed your ice cream cone. You deserve it after all that.

JtC I am sure the delivery driver always takes the goodies back to share. I also own ocean front property in New Mexico. Maybe GG has a super power that enables him to leap on tall weird spaces in a single bound.

MOOOOOOM y’all be safe headin’ back. I am assumin’ y’all are makin’ this in one day rather than stoppin for the night along the way.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then purtification for deheathenization must commence.

Happy Sunday Y’all!

, caffeiOff todat. Cleaning and handegg watching on the agenda today. I just hope for better results than last week.

^looks like I should pour some coffee on the WiFi. “Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off today”

: prepares to wave eastward :

We went to Costco yesterday and I found and bought a nice top suitable for work. After I brought it home, I realized it’s probably the last office garment I’ll ever buy, as we’re planning on retiring in about February of next year. I have to stop looking at work clothes and shoes online starting now.

I ate something that harbored E. coli or some other icky thing yesterday, and was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night ridding myself of it from both ends. Bah. I’ve gone over everything I ate and I think the culprit was raw bean sprouts served with my pho lunch yesterday. I seem to remember that raw or lightly cooked bean sprouts are particularly prone to harboring E. coli. Guidelines says that kids, old folks, and people with immune disorders should always avoid raw sprouts. That’s what I intend to do from now on.

JtC, you might try to teach GG to dust while he’s zooming up to the high shelves.

Have a safe trip home Moooooom.

Hope that you’re feeling better soon teela.

Up, caffeinating, breakfasted, dogparked and fixing to go drink coffee with the heathens.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Good morning everyone.

It’s currently 53 degrees with an expected high of 73 and a mixed bag of cloudy to partly cloudy and sunny skies for the day. We might see a wee spot of rain at around 7:00 am, but I am doubtful.

Yesterday was very busy after my morning coffee. I vacuumed downstairs one last time before company arrived, tidied the kitchen again, did a load of laundry, showered, went to the bird seed store, the grocery store, put the groceries away, cleaned the feeders, bird baths, prepared snacks, and put them out, along with a couple of other little chores. Right as I sat down, the grandkids, daughter, and son-in-law showed up. I was 100 percent go from there on. My son showed up an hour after that. A while later, I prepped two chickens for roasting and let them sit for a bit, and then tossed them in the oven. When it was appropriate, a started potatoes for mashed taters, and a gravy base for the meat drippings, and finally as the chickens roasted, I sauteed some spare guts. Between all the dinner prep I was playing with the grandkids and socializing with the rest of the family.

The dinner turned out very well and the chicken was moist and delicious. Not long after dinner, we had birthday cake for my husband. Soon after cake was ingested everyone hit the road. The grandkids and family hit the road around 7:30, and my son left a little after 8:00. All in all a long day, but it was nice. Polar had some pep in him and was trying to play with the kids a little bit, so that was fun to watch.

Today I’ll be doing some laundry and that’s about it. It’s trash TV night, and I’ll probably flop out there around 2:00 or so and watch some Netflix prior to that.

Wasps are no fun. I was stung numerous times as a kid and one time was the unfortunate victim of a wasp attack because I had disturbed a nest. While in the Youth Conservation Corps I was stung so often that the pain didn’t bother me nearly as much. While hiking in the Olympics late one summer, I and several other hikers were the unfortunate victims of very angry wasps. It had been a hot summer and they were mean! We were all running down the trail trying to get away from them, and I did get stung a few times. It’s been a good many years since I’ve been stung, though, so I know it’d hurt like a mofo now.

How nice that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for you, teela! I admit to feeling just a little jealous, but am very happy for you. I’m trying to make it to 62. At that point, I will have 43 years of federal service. I think that’s more than enough time.

Safe travels home, FCM. I hope you both get at least one day to yourselves before resuming childcare and other duties. You both need some serious rest! You actually need more than one day, but I know you are about the only daycare option for the grandkids at this point.

Time for another cup of coffee! I hope you all have a serene Sunday!

Morning all. Slept pretty well and feel fine, so all that gym exercise must be paying off. Nothing much on the schedule today, should water the lawn as it’s been over a week without rain, but we’ll see. Heading over to the nearest Golden Corral in a bit, have a taste for their pot roast and other goodies.

Safe travels FCM/FCD

lucky, glad your ecoli invasion wasn’t any worse (still not a lot of fun I bet). Be well.

JtC, enjoy Mom-n-Mensa time. And another GG story to add to the collection!

OK, need to get cleaned up soon if I’m to appear in public. All y’all take care.

Near-certainty of rain here. Great, since we do have to do a little erranding once DH is awake enough. We need a jack for the car (no idea what happened to the one we had) so an iffy tire can be changed. I noticed a worrisome damaged area on that tire while I was laptop hunting on Friday.

Blurf. Happy Sunday everyone.

Yard irk on the agenda for today and football.

Safe travels Mooommm

Everyone stay safe and healthy.

Morning, all! At 10:30am it’s 70°F and sunny, with a light breeze. Windows are set to “open.” :smiley: With a predicted high of 86 there will definitely come a time this afternoon when it gets too warm in here, but I’ll enjoy the fresh air for as long as I can.

Today is the start of Banned Books Week.

Yesterday’s lunch was terrific: my friend and I sat outside, and wound up talking for four hours! We hadn’t gotten together since late April, when we saw Leslie Odom, Jr. in concert. We met in 2001 – in fact, Friday will be exactly 21 years (!) ago – when I started work at a new job and got assigned to be her officemate. We shared an office for the next five years, until she left the company (I left not long after she did). Somewhere along the way we became “theater buddies,” and have gone to one or two shows together each year – usually at the Kennedy Center (in DC), but sometimes in Baltimore and/or at a performance center near where she lives. We’re opposites in many ways: she’s always cold while I tend to run warm, she’s black while I’m white, she’s a morning person while I’m anything but (this actually worked out while being co-workers, as she would get 1-2 hours to herself in the office each morning and I would get 1-2 hours to myself each afternoon), she’s very soft-spoken while I’m not, she hardly watches any TV and isn’t up on pop culture at all while I’m the queen of television, she isn’t on Facebook or any kind of social media, etc. We’ve always gotten along very well, though, and it was really nice to spend an afternoon just talking. We’ll be going to a production of The Nutcracker in December, and we recently got tickets to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center in January. We saw the latter in Baltimore in 2015, but we like the show enough to see it again; and, it’ll be our first time back at the Kennedy Center since the pandemic started. Our MO is to get Sunday matinee tix and have brunch beforehand at the venue’s Roof Terrace Restaurant, and we’re excited about resuming that tradition.

Lunch didn’t end in time for me to swing by the county government center (which was fine with me), but I did go to one of my local grocery stores on the way home and confirmed that their particular pharmacy doesn’t have the Moderna booster. For a little while this morning I thought about going to the other local store today – to get a few things yesterday’s store doesn’t carry – and checking with that pharmacy, but I don’t truly need anything else and I think I’d like to just stay home today. Between lunch, the grocery store, and travel time I was out of the house for 7 hours yesterday, and this week will be busier than usual: Tuesday afternoon Bailey has her next PT session, Wednesday night I might go to a jazz jam session, and on Thursday work is having an in-person all-hands meeting that’s scheduled for 4 hours but will wind up taking most of the day.


Well, that’s what you get when you order illegal drugs. :wink:

But seriously, how annoying. I love the smell of coffee, but definitely wouldn’t want it everywhere/unexpectedly.

My BFF’s infectious disease doc told her that previous boosters have been half-doses, while the new booster is a full dose. That might be what the tech meant. I still see some logic in switching up manufacturers just in case there’s a chance of winding up with slightly broader protection, but it’s not that I think one is “better” than the other: if my previous shots had been Moderna, I’d be looking for Pfizer this time. It probably doesn’t actually matter, and if Moderna keeps being difficult to find I’ll get Pfizer again with no concerns.

Another vote in favor of heavily processed foods… :wink:

Just yesterday I found myself randomly wondering whether there is a jack in my car. I have run-flat tires, so there might not be either a jack or a spare. I think I knew these things when I bought the car (8500 miles ago)…I don’t care enough to see if Google can tell me, but one of these days I’ll have to remember to peek under the carpeting in the trunk.

I spend a lot of time writing/editing my posts: now it’s 11:55am. The temp has climbed to 76°F, but it’s still quite lovely outside. Time to repair to the patio for luncheon*, along with my canine companion. :slight_smile:

*I’m thinking a turkey sammich (2 oz of oven roasted lunch meat + light mayo on whole wheat sandwich thins), with some mandarin oranges on the side. And perhaps an apple-pie-stuffed oat bite…or two.

After a few gray, rainy days, the sun has come out with a VENGEANCE. I am a non-fan, by which I mean, I am not a fan.

On the plus side, I finally got some decent sleep last night, and feel much more human today.

I have got to trim Monkey’s claws, he keeps snagging one of his daggers & then mewling pitifully for help.
MoFo, you know you’re not supposed to use the curtains as a scratching post!

I was half-tempted to leave him stuck (“and think about what you’ve done!”) but I was afraid he’d pull the whole damn curtain rod down.

Also on Ye Olde To-Do List: today we celebrate Trash Day Eve (the bin gets emptied tomorrow) which means I need to scoop - or dump entirely & refill - Monkey’s litter box, gather up the household trash, and make sure the biiiiiiiiiiiiig bin is properly curbside.

(Not sure why I specified whose litter box … who else would be pooping in it?)

Then off to the salt mines … err, pizza kitchen.

Oh! Speaking of, I worked yet another new-to-me role: the person bagging’n’tagging the pizzas when they come out of the oven, and making sure the correct order goes with the correct ticket.

This is a totally different skill set - you have to identify pizzas on the fly. Is that a deluxe, or a deluxe-half-onions? Was this one supposed to be light bake, or did it need to be extra crispy? Hi there, sir, did you have an order with us or would you like to place one? Etc.

We had actual thunder and lightning last night! In fact it’s still piddling down. I don’t think it’s rained here for about 2 months. Guess I don’t have to wash the truck today. (Wifey’s idea.)

Spent about an hour yesterday loosening screws and such on the basement doors in preperation for demoing them tomorrow morning. Contractor will be here tomorrow about 9:30 and I want to have those old doors out when he gets here. Having had some experience with having a deadline before I knew there would be something. There’s always something. And there was, but I have a crowbar, and it’s taken care of. So now I know everything’s loose and ready to be taken off/apart. :smile: I’m estimating 1 hour demolition time. We’ll see.

Y’all have a wunnerful Sonday now.

Update: in an effort to put off dealing with a box full of cat poop, I have sorted & put away a bunch of socks from the eternal clean laundry in my living room, thus regaining a hamper AND clearing off some floor space.

Now that’s productive procrastination with a purpose!

Sheesh! Took three stores to get A&W Zero Sugar. Instacart made some bucks from me today. Well, there was enough other stuff we needed/could use to make it reasonably worthwhile, aside from the hassle index.

Gotta roust DH out of bed sometime soon, since we still need to address tire-related issues and probably replace the windshield wiper blades. Would also help if I get some detergent into the laundry load I started a few minutes ago! Granted, should have just put it in before I started the machine filling and went to grab more items for that load. Sorted out now.

< turns on Panthers game >

< sees a lost fumble on kickoff return >

< sees a lost fumble on 3rd and 22 on first series >

< switches to competitive gargling on ESPN MMI >

Alex Catt: < looks at scratching post and sectional sofa 26 inches apart >
< buzzsaws couch back >

And I gotta empty Alex Catt’s box. There less :poop: in there than in the Kitten’s offense right now.

doggio I may join you in watching “something else” as the Pats are showing not much. Can’t complain too much after the last 20+ years, though.

Mowage achieved, it was getting shaggy. Lunch eaten, leftover biscuits and gravy. I hope the municipal lot is open tomorrow, I can drop off yard waste there and the truck has been full of tree limbs since thursday night. They were closed on friday. Looking like rain is in the future.

Alright, alright. Litter box is scooped (I didn’t have enough fresh litter for a full refill - guess who’s going to the store tomorrow?) and the bin is out at the curb, so I don’t have to deal with it when I’m tired & it’s dark.
Oh, and refilled Pretzel’s water bowl. I owe her and Charm a meal - but that is Tomorrow Purple’s problem.

Already dressed, had some of this “solid food” y’all keep yammering about, and heading out soon.