No, SAAN canNOT Shut DOWN!!!!!!!
My favorite site on the web, tied with SDMB, is shutting down.

I’m a MOD at SAAN. A sarcastic, feminine site with spice-think Martha Stewart with a vibrator-is how they describe it. :wink:

So, we find out from the Admin-who are NEVER THERE, despite all the crap we mods have to clean up-and we can only mod our own forums-so the most heavily abused forums are trashed and the mods are often out, and we can’t help!

So they’re shutting down this great site-where I have TONS of friends. I love this place. I went there when I was kicked out of Hissyfit because I disagreed with a site contributor-by the tightass owner. And now…it’s leaving.


I guess you’ll all have to migrate to the SA boards, huh?

Guinastasia, I’m sorry to hear this. :frowning:

I am sure that you’ll keep your friends that you have there, though. It’ll just mean an extra effort on your part to e-mail/ICQ them to stay in touch.

You were a mod there? Weren’t you a mod at “Customers Suck” as well?

[sub]Boy, you sure do get around[/sub]

I’m sorry again for your bad news. E-mail me if you want to talk about it.

I wonder if this will trigger another SAAN-SA migration…

I’m still a mod at CS. LOL

Seriously, immigrating to SA might not be a bad idea…hhmmmm…

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

My concentration has been destroyed for the rest of the day.

Not to mention my appetite

ROTFL…noo…more like…we’re girl girls, who like to cook and make crafts and stuff…but we’re also sexual creatures, we’re women…you know, that sort of thing?

It’s like this: we have had articles called the Negligee Gourmet. We offer tips on decorating, crafts, fashion and the like. But one of the most popular columns is called Ho in the Know-a sex forum. Hell, we have tons of sex forums. They’re good for a laugh, too.

Well, it’s not really shutting down. However, we’re still trying to decide how to save the board. Basically, trolls are always taking us over. It’s okay when it’s from another board-since we can troll them back by spamming and bombing them with huge pictures of teddy bears, bunnies and hello kitty and cutesy ~~~~~~~HuGgLeZ~~~~~~~ and shit. But we keep getting Internal Server Errors and the admins are NEVER around.


Hopefully, the admin will help us out. I love SAAN. It’s a great site. It’s even a sister board to Something Awful, for crying out loud! (Yes, believe it or not. They invaded us so many times, we would strike back with the Huggy Wars as mentioned above, and now we 0wn them!)