No! You can't have a pencil, pen, paper, scantron, or borrow my book!

I was with you until the paper. I can understand that you dont want to give stuff out to people who dont treat it well and you get it back damaged. But paper? What do you expect them to do with the paper?
“No, I don’t want you to give a sheet of paper, you’re just gonna write on it and then it is dirty”?

Other than that I agree with you.

Oh hell yes this has happened to me!

See, I don’t really care about my paper, and my pens/pencils are disposible unless they’re really nice, so I don’t worry too much about them. But my books. . .

I used to be really nice. I used to loan my books to anyone who asked. I don’t anymore. I really, really hate that I can’t do it anymore, but I can’t. Why?

I never get the damned things back!

I lent Steal this Book to my best friend, and got it back three months later. Then I lent it to another friend. Never saw it again. You know, I don’t think Hoffman meant for you to steal it from your friends.

I lent a dictonary of really obscure angels to the other person in my creative writing independent study. Never saw it again (fortunately, while the angels were obscure, the book was not).

I sent a book in a series to a friend of mine online. She never sent it back. I MET this friend this summer, and she still remembers that she has my book. Frankly, I think this is worse; if she still remembers it, then she’s deliberately not sending it to me. If she’d forgotten, it would be no big deal. To top it off, when I visited her, I left a book there that I had borrowed from someone else. She knows it’s there, but won’t send it back because it’s too expensive. I despair of ever getting either of those books back, and actually purchased a new copy of the one I had borrowed so that I could return it.

The only person who’s allowed to borrow from me anymore is my fiance. And that’s because, if I don’t get a book back, I can just start going through his stuff until I find it and TAKE it back. And I have his permission to do so.

[Nancy Reagan]

Just say no.

[/Nancy Reagan]

I burning your scantron.

You guys have to provide your own scantrons? God, and I thought my school was chintzy.

Same here. I’ve lent several books to coworkers and have never seen them again. Now I only lend books to people that I know will give them back.

Why do people just assume that books are essentially valueless? If you lent me the $10 that that Salman Rushdie hardcover is worth, would you expect me to repay you? Fuck yes! Grrr.

I think it’s people who only read a book once who do this. They assume you’re “done with” the book, therefore no need for a timely return.

Never lend your pencil to anyone with buck teeth, brown fur, and a big flat tail.

I am one of those people who rereads her books, and can’t understand those who don’t. But even if you DON’T, they DO cost money. And it ought to be the choice of the person who bought the book whether to give it away, not the borrower who assumes it was a gift just because the buyer “already read it.” Grrrrrr.

I don’t even like having my MOTHER borrow my books. She bends the spines on my paperbacks. It annoys me no end.

All new Scantron Deathrays! 1920’s style, like grandpa used to make.

I loaned my most precious books out in college. I had a collection of rare books on Haiti that I treasured above all others. They were not particularly valuable, but they were all out of print and took me forever to find. Many were signed including one with a long personalization from Paul Farmer.

An acquaintance from one of my classes needed resources for a paper. I was terribly stupid and lent her about eight books with elaborate promises of return. Not only did she not return them, she disappeared. She never showed up back to class and her phone number on campus was out of order. After months of examining every face on campus I gave up my books as lost.

Fast forward six months later and I was in my favorite used book store. I was looking in the Carribean section and there were eight books in a row. They were, of course, mine. I had to buy back my own damn books at full price. Fifty odd bucks down the drain and they were in worse shape than when I had lent them.

I fantasized about the verbal tongue lashing I would give if I ever saw the perfidious cunt again. I was ready. My day came in the crappy local laundromat. There she was, back to me doing her laundry. She turns towards me and she has a very young infant in one of those front carriers. I lost my nerve and looked away. She clearly didn’t recognize me.

I don’t know what pisses me off more to this day. The facts of what she did, or that I lost my chance to unload on her.

I call band name!

What does Scranton have to do with this, and how do you borrow and entire town?

I call dibs on Wilkes-Barre!!! I’ll return it I promise.

I loaned a friend a book (hardcover) that he couldn’t find, misplaced, and finally admitted was lost.

The last time I went to try to pick it up, I didn’t get the book back, but I did make out with his wife for a while.

At the time I thought I’d come out ahead. But when I priced a replacement, the best price I can find on is about $120!


Anyone selling a hardcover copy of “Ash Ock”?

-Joe, scum

all your pencil, pen, paper, scantron and book are belong to us

  1. Don’t lend things.

  2. Hit submit ONCE.

  3. Hi, Opal! has five or six unde $20.00. Maybe one of them’s your old copy.

I only loan things out if I figure I am giving someone a gift. Most things loaned out never return.