Nocturne needs your advice!

I have a big problem that is threatening to get bigger.
I really like two people…let’s call them Guy A and Guy B.
I’ve been dating Guy A for almost 18 months. I’ve been good friends with Guy B for about four years, and I have liked Guy B off and on for four years.
Now that Guy A and I don’t go to the same school anymore, we decided to date other people if other people came up.
Guy B is a definite possibility. HOWEVER-

  1. I don’t know if he likes me or not, he’s rather moody.
  2. I don’t know if I should point-blank tell him, or get advice from his best friend.
  3. I don’t know how to tell Guy A about him or if I should at all.

Anyone got help?

Fat lot of good i am. :slight_smile:

Ask Guy B straight. Don’t play games, don’t drop hints (he’s male - he either won’t get them or won’t interpret them correctly). Remove all possibility of ambiguity. That way you’ll know he feels and make the next step accordingly.

If he’s interested, what you tell Guy A depends on the relationship you have with him. If he’s a good friend/close then just let him know you’re going out with someone though it’s not serious or anything (yet). On face value, if you’ve agreed with A to see other people I wouldn’t see a need to tell him unless it starts to look serious

Don’t get advice from his best friend. Confront him directly. Don’t delay - it only gets harder and you’ll psych yourself out.

Good luck.

I agree with dpr, go direct or don’t go at all. Pussy footing around with best friends is a step up from passing notes and giggling on the playground.

You are doing well with accepting an open relationship with Guy A and keeping everything light. On that mature note, go talk to Guy B and be honest. He is your friend, right? Be his friend, be you. You just includes attraction at this point.

On Guy A, tell him you are excersizing your option with your bud Guy B but its not serious. Also, tell Guy B what’s up with Guy A. You like these guys, treat them with the honesty you expect back.