Noisy Sex Woman Loses Her Appeal

Her court appeal, that is. Judging from her photo, not sure she ever had any other type. Story here.

Excerpts: **"A woman who was banned from making loud noises during sex has lost an appeal against her conviction.

“Neighbours, the local postman and a woman taking her child to school complained about the noise.”**

Sounds like she’d be too much for me in my doddering old age now. But I did make one or two scream back in the day, I don’t mind saying, although maybe not quite to this extent.

And I’m reminded of a group of friends I had back in Texas, all roommates. One kept filling the house with sounds after he discovered the joy of sex, and his roommates would rag on him by banging on the walls and yelling: “Some people use beds for sleeping, ya know!” :smiley:

This story was a lot more enjoyable before I saw the picture.


Well, now that she’s lost her appeal, the frequency of noisy sex should go way down.


Finagle, I believe the thread you’re looking for is over here.

Also, ugh that woman! That’s a man, baby!

Unlikely. You can’t lose that which you never had.

It was measured as 47 decibels which is quiet according to this:

I guess that was measured from outside and would be louder in the house next door if it’s terraced.

What’s an Asbo?
And I may now have nightmares… Did her partner wear ear plugs? :eek:
You have to admire the Brits, though. To stand in the dock (do they still do that?) and talk about how loud your passion is and to have it listened to and weighed matter of factly and DISpassionately is just so… British.

I don’t believe the 47 decibels. Hell, I’m louder in normal conversation (sometimes). A neighbor heard unrecognizable, seemingly painful sounds–loud ones.

In Britain, there are a group of people called Chavs. The Chavs are housed by the local council, and find employment in the general pursuit of mischief. Eventually, when one Chav gets particularly good at knocking over flower pots, or post-boxes, or whatever, he will be called before a Judge and issued an ASBO.

An ASBO is basically the Judge saying: “Wat’s all this then? Go on you, you’ve had your fun, let someone else have a go.” Then the Chav is awarded an electronic ankle bracelet so that everyone knows that that Chav is the best in the area at knocking over flowerpots.

The British are so much more advanced than us. We just lock up our miscreants, but the British allow them to roam free in the community - it adds to that unique British charm.

ASBO stands for Anti-Social Behaviour (note the “u”) Order.

Perhaps it may not have been so much the volume as the tone of her voice. You know those people who don’t necessarily speak loudly, but their voice has this sharp edge that lacerates your eardrums just the same? Maybe she’s one of those.

For what it’s worth, there was one night the wife and I were out for a walk. We were about 200 feet from our apartment building when we heard, clear as day, a continuous streams of enthusiastic sex noises coming from the female in the equation. Near as we could figure trying to pinpoint the location, she was at least 15 floors up. 15+ floors up and 200 feet away and we heard it quite clearly. Granted, the window was open and I’m guessing the bed (assuming one was being employed) was near it.

I love the fact that a recording of them was played in court. I wonder if there’s a transcript?

It involves calling a 900 number …

I would like to just say: Go, Steve! It ain’t much but you seem to be hittin’ it right! :smiley:
An ex-girlfriend in college had a roommate who could be heard from half a block away.

It also just wasn’t the woman. In a story I found via Fark, her partner was also known for howling like a dog or braying ass.

ETA: IIRC, the other article I read mentioned someone wanting to call the police because they thought it was a murder in progress.

"She has since been accused of three counts of breaching the Asbo… "

Well, there’s why you heard him yelling.

Hours at a time almost every night?..wish I was getting that much action.

Great. Brain bleach is never gonna get that mental stain out.

Maybe they weren’t having sex.

Maybe they were just looking at each other.

lieu ftw.