Nominations for Earth's stupidest man now being accepted.

My candidate: a guy I know who cheated on his soon-to-be ex-wife with his son’s now-former girlfriend, told the wife everything, and was SHOCKED when the skank turned out to be uninterested in anything long-term, that his wife immediately filed for divorce, and his son punched him in the face.

ETA: Oh, and the skank maxed out all his credit cards.

Anybody got a better?

Why is the guy a “guy”, but the woman he slept with a “skank”?

Well, he’s also the world’s stupidest human, but “guy” is easier to type.

I’d say a woman who hooks up with a guy and maxes out his credit cards is pretty skanky. Or a using bitch at least.

And I might not agree with the title of world’s stupidest human, but I’ll vote for stupid old horndog.

Especially because the “guy” was married while the “skank” wasn’t married. Plus he cheated with his son’s girlfriend. So the guy betrayed his family twice – his wife and his son. While the “skank” betrayed no one she was related to. This makes the guy’s action far skankier.

But you automatically go for the sexually based insult for the woman, but not the man. Double standard much?

I feel your pain, Skald. Maybe if this thread gets closed, drops off the front page, and you’re permitted to resubmit it with “young lady” inserted in place of – that other word you used, you’ll get some more nominees.

The thread itself us a massive insult to him.

Well, I Just read an article about a guy who died after trying to climb the Four Seasons.

Well, ya know, I think the logic follows black people should always be refereed to as as black people (or African Americans) unless they are dicks, then it’s okay to call them the N-word.

In order to deflect the scathing criticism against Skald, not that we have ever met or even had a tin-foil conversation, I offer this nugget only to be shared within this community. (At least until 2016. or thereabout).

First, I nominate myself. Thank you.
(Takes bow to polite applause)
I hold this…trophy…um…award with great cherish.
I have been active in the Stupid Man arena since 1971 and appreciate your condolences. Oops. I meant to say [redacted See FIAO Section 4897. 2998].

Secondly, I offer my experience as a Stupid Man to all world-wide at no charge.
(A small shipping charge and handling fee apply. I’m not THAT stupid).

I appreciate Skald passing his honor on to the masses, even if he still deserves it.
Thank you.
[Bows to hostess. Walks off-stage. Takes bow tie off and downs a 30 year old Scotch with Skald]
Happy New Year everyone!

And yet you apparently have no problem calling men “dicks”.

I did in fact call the title asshole a stupid nigger a few months back, whereupon said motherfucker claimed I was a saditty Oreo. I do not know whether either epithet applies to the young lady.

This thread has taught me one thing. Well, actually it was Urban Dictionary but I would never have thought to investigate the meaning of saditty had it not been used here.

I’m still not certain if Grrr!'s logic on the n-word is sound. Waiting for more feedback on that one.

See also bougie and flicted.

Point of order: what is the corresponding derogatory term for a man, what is a “male skank”? The historic double standard of our society does seem to have left us with a vocabulary deficit. “Asshole” hardly seems adequate, “philanderer” sounds like a stamp collector.

Seems to me the OP’s model citizen should have punched his son for bringing home a girl who’d steal from Dad. That would have been the trifecta of sleaze.

Manwhore. It doesn’t have the same connotation, though, just as “either” is neither as common as “Oreo” nor as offensive as “nigger.”
ETA: And as I understand it, the young girl didn’t steal anything. The ninnyhammer gave her the card. Midlife crisis and all that.

the judge who allowed Ethan Couch to get away with the affluenza defense(although it wasn’t this year so maybe not a good nomination)

Is “saddity” just “uppity” without the racist history?

Nope. Saditty is used among black people, whereas uppity is from a white person about a black person. Saditty means acting as if one were black, in a fashion the speaker finds inappropriate or distasteful. The fact that I like Emily Kinney more than Beyonce is, to some black persons, saditty.