Norfolk/Tidewater, Va. area dopers meeting

I’m just sending up a trial balloon to see if there’s any takers.

Any takers?

Depends on when, Chief! I visit WIlliamsburg to see my college friends every once in a while…I could swing by Norfolk.

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin

Popping this to the top.

Chief - Methinks you are in no-mans land. You’re a couple of hours from DC, and a couple of hours from us Carloina folks. I would suggest you align yourself with one of those groups, or you could just drunk alone, which was good enough for Geoge Thorogood!

Yer pal,

Just so you’d notice.

Va Beach resident here Chief…let me know when/where?..Going to be out of town during the holidays…(sorry Satan) but after the first of the year I’ll be available…