North American Man Boy Love Association?

I was just wondering what dopers think about this organization. I mean I don’t have all the facts on them but from what I have heard it sounds pretty immoral and sick to me. Maybe I should have asked this in the GQ forum but I can’t even see why this organization hasn’t been totally investegated as a possible pedophile organization?

So what do ya’ll think about this organization?

And where did you hear about this organization? What do you know about it? Sounds like the punch line to a joke I once heard on morning radio.

I thought it was the National Association of Marlon Brando Look Alikes :smiley:

POSSIBLE? Pedophilia is what they are all about!

Yeah, they creep me out.

Wild Bill, did you know gullible isn’t in the dictionary?

Well, I don’t know if it REALLY, TRULY exists, but I have heard and read interviews with a fellow who claimed to have been its founder.

This was covered here (where it is fairly easy to gauge Dopers opinions) and, to a lesser extent, here

I’m not sure what’s worse, that such an organization exists, or that people don’t believe it. I’ll go with the organization itself. Ignorance can be cured.

NAMBLA is real. They used to have a website, but it is not online anymore. They may or may not still publish a bulletin. Many individuals have worked to shut them down, some infiltrating the organization and then working with the FBI, and I think in the last few years the group has probably gone even more underground. In New York, there was a big deal about a non-profit that used to publish other stuff for them, and it was eventually shut down, I think.
The ACLU defended (or seriously considered defending) NAMBLA’s right to free speech in a very controversial case; the problem is that child molesters and murderers are often found to be members of the organization. NAMBLA points out that they do not advocate violent sexual activity. They do advocate pedophilia, and yes, the FBI would like to shut them down. But it appears it’s difficult to convict someone who merely advocates pedophilia when what would be required is evidence of child pornography or molestation.

If you want to know more, visit a library, do a web search, ask the police department, FBI, whatever. Don’t imagine it doesn’t exist.

There’s also (at least according to News of the Weird) something called the Rene Guyon Society, which is dedicated to pedophilia as applied to both sexes. According to NOTW, the group’s motto is “sex by eight or it’s too late”. :rolleyes:

If you’re disgusted with NAMBLA, you all can join NAWELA

North American Women Ender Love Association. Membership dues are kept to a minimum, you get a wallet sized glossy membership card, and you don’t have to be embarrassed to say you have joined. Sign up today and I’ll give you the pamphlet, “how Ender likes to be pleased,” absolutely free.

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Just so you know, NALAMBA and it’s members are about as highly regarded in the gay community as Aryan Nation is within the Christian Church.

One of the most screwed up individuals I have ever met joined the organization at 15 or 16. He dated a man roughly twice his age and change until the other guy died from a heart attack. When other people in the local gay community found out about it, you never saw someone get shut out so fast… I never did talk to him again.

To say that people get upset over these fuckheads is putting it quite mildly.

I knew it sounded like a joke I’d heard somewhere, that was on South Park right?

I didn’t know if this was a real organization.

Color me officially creeped-out now.

NAMBLA is a very old organization. Where did you hear about it WB?

There is another organization, that I saw in a tv film (80’s) & couldn’t believe it, so I went to my library, looked in the Directory of Associations, & sure enough, there it was. It’s called the Rene Guyon Society. Its like Nambla, but for straight adults to have sex with children. sigh.

They’re real. I’ve seen them march in the Gay Pride parade in NY. Under a dozen ugly paunchy pasty faced middle aged guys. Even if sex with eight year olds was the beautiful experience they claim it is…no sex with these people would be a beautiful experience.
Of course the fact that they march causes the Christian right no end of glee- they alway include them in their coverage- see, homosexuals advocate child abuse! Never mind that the only reason they get to march is (unlike the Ancient Hibernians) the organizers of the Gay Day parade have no resriction policy to keep them out, and that they basically get hissed all the way down 5th ave.

They’re legal cause the idea is they don’t break the law, they advocate changing the law.

“A very old organization”? I seem to recall reading some years back about a professional hoaxer who invented the organization in order to get himself on “The Morton Downey Jr. Show” and piss people off. It’s possible that a group of idiots latched onto the name after that, but I don’t think we’re talking about the Illuminati here.

I think the organization is real. Wasn’t Allen Ginsberg a member (yes, the ‘Howl’ poet)?

P.S. May every single member of this organization get their nuts chewed off by a rabid pit bull.

I know Allen was a pervert- which I mean in a positive way, and do not mean with reference to his homosexuality- not all of us pervert are homosexual, and visa versa.

But you better back that up before I’m willing to send the pit bulls after that adorable little pervert.

Sorry, bete.

That was the “leftiest” cite I could find. But it’s true. Enter his name and NAMBLA’s into any search engine.

In fairness, there are some who speculate that he was a member solely because of the reprehensibility, for shock value and because he believed that even the most odious views deserved expression.

Sick bastards. A horrible way to react to the real beauty of children.

Anyway, when that poor 6-year-old kid Etan Patz disappeared in Soho in 1979, there was a stir because a kid resembling him was in one of their calendars (clothed). But the calendar turned out to have been published in 1969. So it must have been a) around back then and b) around long enough to do stuff like publish a calendar.

Shudder. I had a brother exactly that age then, and we also lived in NYC…about as much fun for him as the Son of Sam murders were for fourteen-year-old, dark-haired me.