North Korean first lady in public for first time


North Korea’s state-run news media announced on Wednesday that its young leader Kim Jong-un had married, and identified his wife as Ri Sol-ju.

I’m picturing a bunch of Korean girls all going “Du-dah-DAHHHHHHHHHH, du-dah-DAHHHHHHHHH…”

The first lady’s kind of hot, and I don’t even have that Asian fetish thing going on.

Wonder if she’s already got a little Supreme Leader in the oven.

Won’t be long and she’ll be popping out some young 'uns.

“First Child”?

“Beloved Heir”?

“Super Funball Baby Leader Extraordinaire”

You just know they’ll have some crazy nickname for that kid.

Considering that each generation’s leader appears less impressive than the last, I humbly suggest “Kim Jong-eh.”


If you read all the way to the bottom of the linked article, it’s thought they’ve been maried since 2009 and already have at least one child.

North Korea has an amusement park?

They needed a place for their Great North Korean Scream Machine. I predict short lines.

Actually it is close to the Bark Soup concession stand, right across from the Deep-Fried Dirt place. So they will get a lot of traffic.


I just wanted to point out that I don’t think this is getting the credit it deserves. Well done sir!!

Kim Jong-un: So, i was thinking and these last few years we have been dating…
Ri Sol-ju: Umm, we’ve only gone out once.
Kim Jong-un: LIKE I SAID, these last few years we have been dating have been awesome and I have decided to do you the honor of making you my wife.
Ri Sol-ju: But…
Kim Jong-un: Just hold that thought…
(whispers in guards ear, guard pulls out gun)
…but what, dear?
Ri Sol-ju: But, I am too honored to be your wife to say anything else.
Kim Jong-un: Yes dear, I love you too!

Or maybe he recited to her that beloved North Korean short story “The Leader, or the Tiger?”

Her name is Sojo?


I imagine the wedding looked pretty much exactly like this one - complete with the costumes and celebratory laser salute.

No, she’s Sister Sol-ju. Get it right! :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine it’s run by these guys.

Wait a minute, what happened to the Excellent Horse-like Lady?

Op, you are two weeks late with a thread about Kim’s main squeeze, and a couple of hour late in the marriage posting (see the bottom of my thread).