Northern California Meets Southern California: The return

Ok, Pat and I decided we needed a fresh new thread for this. So, here’s the deal, Pat and I went to the lovely city of San Luis Obispo today to scout for places to hold the dopefest at. We asked around, many places not being able to take reservations.

Then, like a ray of light from above we saw a great place, it was named “Mission Grill”. So, we went inside. It was a nice place, with a bar, and patio seating. The best thing…it’s right next to the mission! The patio seating looks out upon the park in front of the mission. The prices arent that expensive.

So, we think this would be a perfect place.

Now, what we need to know is who is coming (work your vacations around this, people!). We have to let the restaurant know at least 2 weeks before, so we can reserve seats. It would be best to find out ASAP, but i guess some of you wont know until 2 weeks before. So, PLEASE if you think you can come, or are going to come respond here. We’ll be sending out an email about it soon to let those who dont come to MPSIMS much know.

Count me as a maybe, probably.

I forgot to mention the date again: It’s July 21st, when the bash will be. Depending how close to SLO you are, you could make it a day thing (I suspect most of you will be doing the weekend if you can go).

I think I can make it. If nothing else I should be able to do a day trip. I’m not at home so I can’t speak for baglady and a trip to L.A. may pop up so I can’t speak in absolutes.

I’ll come back later with baglady’s response and if my ability to participate changes I will let you know as soon as I can.

The A’s are out of town that weekend and that was the only other thing I can think of that might interefere.

That’s a roger Houston.

I’m planning on it! (Remember me?) It looks like I will still be in the great state of California come July, so I will mention it to my boss tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Oh, I forgot to ask in my last post…is this going to be a one-day thing, or are we going to have a weekend? SLO is pretty far to go for one meal.

I totally apologize for doing this. I AM SORRY.

Doob, I just realized you answered my question.

I’m gonna go away now.

I’ve been waiting for 5 months, and I’ve still got a month to go…

Yes, I’m in.

Sadly, I can’t. sob



I figure this needs to be bumped…

I want to come, and I am trying. Count me in as a possible.

I think I want to show up.

I’ll be there.

Just a bump to say I’m looking into the tickets and should have it sorted out tomorrow.

GAH… I have to double check but I think Area51 might be that day. If so, I’m a maybe. If it’s not, I’m in!

Well, I wasn’t able to get a group rate for us at any hotels in the area. For a number of reasons. This does make it so everyone has to find their own accomadations, which makes it tough for those that are coming from far away. But, it does make it easier so people with varying budgets can find a place to stay.

Here are a few links with hotels in the area.

List of different hotels in the area. Has some outside of San Luis Obispo, so watch out.

Motel 6 website

Great site, with a wide range of hotels, cheap to luxury.

It is good to see that people are still interested in this.


List of different hotels in the area. Has some outside of San Luis Obispo, so watch out.

Motel 6 website

Great site, with a wide range of hotels, cheap to luxury.
As usual, I suck. Here, let’s hope it worked this time.


I still intend to make the roadtrip out, or perhaps fly to LA and catch a ride with somebody (maybe? maybe?). Either way I’m going to do my best to be there. And, I’d like to say, thankyouthankyouthankyou for having this on a Saturday; makes it much easier to attend.

psycat and I will be there.