Northern VA Multi-Birthday Dope Feb 15

Yellow with chocolate frosting. Isn’t there some kind of birthday law about that? If there isn’t, there should be! :smiley:

welby - hope you can make it!

Yellow with chocolate! YAY!

Better yet - I’ll bring a chocolate/chocolate cake and Opal can bring the yellow/white cake and we’ll have variety!

If I make it big enough, will one of the guys jump out of it?!?! :eek:

I think FCM has the best idea. Two cakes = more choice.

The rat beat me to it. I was gonna do that.

There’s a problem with three cakes?

Well, if you wanted to make a cake that would be fine. I was going to get one from Giant, because my cake pan is woefully small. If you wanted to bring a cake and FCM brings a cake, then I could bring brownies or something and make them rather than buy them.

Or - droooool - your banana bread. YEAH.

A Virginian here, but I’m unavailable that day (long Valentine’s Day weekend trip scheduled: bed and breakfast, lots of sex, that sort of thing).

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Old Dominion Dopers.

I have checked the schedule, and checked with the welbywife, and will definitely be there.

I will also volunteer to bring a yellow cake with chocolate frosting if someone wants to make something else.

My baking skills are legendary, and I make it all from scratch.

Opal - I just thought of something - will the restaurant have any objections to us bringing food in? Or will we have a tailgate cake party?

Good question.

Yes, we can bring cake(s)

I made the reservation for 30, and they said I can call to adjust that up or down as late as 1 hour before, so we’re pretty safe.

HOWEVER: 4pm is when their shifts change, and so they said they can take the reservation for 4:30pm.

please note: the time has changed to 4:30pm

Yeah I’ll jump out of it if you can make it big enough!

Can I have some of the other cake?

in a Speedo?

Dunno if I can find a pan that tall - you’re like 7’ tall, right?? I know you towered over me. :smiley:

I need to rethink my offer. I’ll have my people call your people. They’ll do lunch.

Yeah sure, what color you want? I’ve got a red, green, blue and black. :smiley:

I’ll make sure I take a bath before hand how’s that? I’ll even wear a swimming cap so as to not get my hair anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that tall, only 6’2".

I will probably be able to make it to the party.

Dammit to hell. . .

I just found out my presence is required to transact some family business on the 15th. Sorry, but I must bow out.

Happy birthday anyway, Opal and everybody else!