Not In Favor of the Change to Top Banner

I’m not sure why the top banner was changed, but I much prefer the three items (search-menu-avatar) to be over on the far right. It looks and feels pretty awkward as it is now…on my smaller screen especially (Surface Pro5).

Most websites have those items on the far right, and it’s what most people are used to, and what I feel looks and works best. Any chance it can be moved back?

I agree; it looks pretty ugly.

Nothing’s changed here. I use Chrome.

What are you seeing that makes it look awkward?

I guess mostly the spacing, but also because of all the different fonts, and the color combos, and the placements of each item, it just doesn’t flow nicely across the top. I may be pickier than most, as I do graphic design and this type of thing really stands out to me.

90% zoom is the most comfortable for me on most sites with this laptop, but if I zoom all the way down to 60%, everything is lined up better across the top, so perhaps that is what you and others mostly see. At 90% zoom, everything gets moved closer together and the text is no longer in a straight line. This wasn’t as much of an issue before the order of the items changed - it looked more balanced. But also, I just prefer to have menu items and access to my account stuff on the far right like it is on most sites.

I feel a little silly now…the banner with the three items in the center is only viewable when you are at the top of any page, but once you start scrolling down, it changes to a more simple banner and those three items are over on the far right. So I was mistaken and thought the three items would be in the center always, but they are not. I hate to ask this, but have those three items always been in the center when you are at the top of the page (before scrolling down)? It just seemed so different to me tonight.

It still would be nice to have those items moved to the far right when you are at the top of any page though.

No. The banner used to be on top of everything, before you scrolled, IIRC. The buttons were on the right all the time.

I don’t like the new look, either, but that’s because I think the banner is idiotic anyway, and this change just brought it to my attention again.

Scratch that - it’s like that the whole time on the forum list view, and I fucking hate that. I want the buttons on the right, not some random place based on which monitor I have the site open at. This change does suck and blow.

It’s a bug

And the banner is useful because otherwise you’d have to scroll back up to the top any time you wanted to open another page, see your notifications, search a thread, etc. Not fun when threads can be thousands of posts long.

Ahhh, ok thanks! I thought things looked different…now I know I’m not losing my marbles. :laughing: And I agree that the banner is useful…I don’t mind a banner, as long as things are placed well and it functions well, etc.

Thanks @ekedolphin and @MrDibble for chiming in. I’m glad it’s just a bug.

The menu is useful. The mission statement part (which is what I, at least, was talking about as the banner), not so much.

Yes it takes a second to realize the menu ladder is now in the middle and not the right where everything is usually located. Not a fan. If the banner had an important announcement it might be understandable. But not this.

Yeah, that mission statement is really shoehorned in there. It really crowds everything else in the banner, especially on my iPad, where I do a lot of my SDMB browsing.

Seems like it could be maybe run along the bottom of the banner, or along the top, like it currently is on the main SD page.

Huh, I thought that was just my browser messing up the page. Yeah, me no likey.

Looks like somebody listened to me! :wink:

Much better.