Not looking for sympathy just prayers...

It’s easy to get attached to animals, especially as the years pass and you take for granted you little friend is always there. I’m so sorry and I hope that your kitty passes with as little pain as possible.

techchick, I hope that Niki is at peace. Bear Dog is waiting to play with her when she arrives. If Niki is still hanging on, please let all of us here finance a visit from your vet. I’m sure the SPCA or some doctor will come by for a fee. I’ll toss $10.[sup]00[/sup] into the hat and I’m sure others here will do the same.

Say the word and I’ll start a thread for Niki. Your little furry kid shouldn’t have to suffer after being loved so much.

Love, [and typing through tears]


techchick, I’m praying that your kitty goes quietly and peacefully.

And I’m keeping you in my thoughts.

OH man-I am so sorry. I know what this is like-and quite frankly, it sucks.

You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated.

Consider it done. :frowning:

I am sorry to hear about your kitty. :frowning: Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

It is so hard. Our family just went through this 2 months ago.

Many prayers for you and Niki

{{{ techchick68 }}} ** and ** {{{ Niki }}}
and kitty kisses from our furbabies Pearl, Duffy and Ashleigh

the Wayman Family

Prayers for your beloved elderly kitty, hope she passes away painlessly and quietly in the night - and best of luck coping with the her loss.


I went through this too a few months ago. He was also 16 and that made it all the harder. I was fortunate that I could have the vet come to my house. (I still cry about it.) If it’s a question of funds I’ll echo Zenster, I can help.

I’m so sorry, hon.

But…you gave her a good life, full of love. Time to let her rest, maybe?

My Love,


I hope she passed easy, and enjoys her stay in kitty heaven.

losing a pet sucks so bad.

She’s in my thoughts, my dear.
About 3 months ago i adopted a very sick kitten from a bunch of strays. She’s a short haired…orange. SHe was very sick: skinny as hell, crust in her eyes, nose blocked amost completely. All she did was sleep. But altough she was a 5months old one, she was not afraid of me or my family, always purring, always in someone’s lap.
I was at work when my mother called crying that the cat was dying. It took three hours but she finnaly passed.

I think she’ll join the other cats in heaven waiting for yours:D