Not looking for sympathy just prayers...

…but my female cat, Niki, is on her last legs. She’s laying on a quilt that her brother came close to dying (thank you dopers for your thoughts and prayers during that time way back in Sept of 2000) on.

What I am asking for is a prayer from you that Niki passes on during the night, whatever your religion. Nothing more, nothing less, no sympathy just that you give prayers that she goes here at home rather than me taking her to the cold and sterile confines of a veterinarian’s office and giving her a lethal injection like some criminal. The thought just terrifies me after my last experience with it.

She can barely move, an infection has ravaged her body and all she can do is lay there and sleep right now, curled up on the quilt with labored breathing (she took a serious nose dive today.)

Anyhow, I plan on being with her the entire time and I can only hope that she goes here at home, repeating self.

Just a prayer that she goes and finds the Rainbow Bridge from the comfort of home…

I will miss her so damn much. :frowning:

I love animals so much, I hate to lose them but if I have to let them go, I want them to go here at home and I can’t afford to ask the vet to come here, to the house to administer the drugs.


You have my deepest sympathies, techchick68. Letting go of an old friend is never easy.

Thanks Zen, hun, just please pray for my Niki to pass on during the night please?

She looks so pitiful and damn it’s hard but I really do want her go pass on here at home.

And no, it’s never easy to let go of a friend, or in my case, one of my kids since I wont be having any…but she has been a joy in my life for almost 16 years and that joy will be horribly missed. She is one hell of a cat, very loving, caring, and I used to call her “squeaky” (sp) because we would “talk” and she would “sweak” back.

< sigh > Thanks again, just prayers are needed so she passes on tonight…I really don’t want to give her to the vet for lethal injection…UGH.

May Niki pass comfortably and peacefully knowing she was loved by you.

Be well, techchick68. I’m sad with you. :frowning:


Thank you Ruby, it’s much appreciated. < hugs >

I’m at a loss as to what to say.
Hopefully she is out of pain soon.
I lost my kitty a few years back and I couldn’t be with her when she passed. But my mom gave me her ashes in a really pretty ceramic box with her picture on it.

May Niki fall peacefully asleep in your loving arms, and awaken, renewed, on the Other Side.
Godspeed, Niki

My best wishes and warmest hugs to you and Niki, Liz.

I had to put a kitty down last year, and like you, I never want to go through that again!

Rest well, both of you.



I just dealt with pretty much the same thing recently with a 13 year old cocker spaniel.

You have my sympathies, and my prayers techchick68, that Niki, go peacefully into that night, and wake near that rainbow bridge.

Well, I’ll take any reason I can get to pray to my God, because he’s the best God of all. If you would like more information on my God, contact me at notacult@totallynotacultweswear.cult

I sure as hell hope you are giving me the silliest, most stupid thing there Eternal becuse this is a god-damned serious subject for me and if not you are going to be one rare tenderloin on this board.

I am fucking serious about the issue I am dealing with, you wanna fuck with me, start it in The Pit and I will flame you so hard you twit.

I am dealing with my beloved 16 year old cat dying and you are being a prick…FUCK OFF…I wish for your SDMB death…That was totally uncalled for you fucking dick.

So much for my thread ti hopefully help my Niki die a good death.

Now it’s tainted, it’s fucked up…I pray that any of my real friends over here can help her out…:frowning:

er… sorry… I have a compulsive need to lighten situations with humor…

techchick, I know it’s a serious subject; I’ve been there myself. Don’t let anyone’s misplaced flippancy set you off guard. Take it easy on yourself during this time.

My most earnest and sincere prayers that your beloved kitty passes tonight. Oh, bless her little furry head.

pretty fucked up humor asshole…I would hate to see you at a beloved’s funural…

Fuck off and dont’ come here again.

God, some of you really fucking suck and cant take things seriously…My baby girl is laying on the ground and I have no idea when she will wake up, if ever…

Some people are fucked up assholes…my cat is about to die and it’s fucking funny to you?


I can’t even contain, she’s my baby and she’s dying…some of suck. I can’t possibily rejooice about this…she’s my baby…fuck people suck. She’s my doll…FUCK…All I wanted was prayers for her, how hard is that to comphend??? How fucking hard is that???
Geezuz Christ.

Techchick, calm down. Eternal made an inappropriate joke, and apologised. Not the best move on his behalf, but people mess up from time to time. If you want to curse at him for it, do so in the Pit, not in this forum.

Having said that, I feel truly sorry about your cat. If she’s 16, that means she’s lead a long, and no doubt happy life. Let’s hope she goes quietly and without pain. But please, should it take her longer, and should she continue having breathing problems over the next days, call in a vet and let him/her assess the situation. There’s never a need for an animal to suffer more than necessary.

My cat, Licorice lived to be over 20 years old. She was always an outside cat, and a few years ago she went to that secret hiding place all cats seem to know about, and never came back.

She’s waiting to play with Niki, methinks.

Oh, and hang in there, Techchick… You’re in my thoughts this morning.

TechChick, we just went through this with two kitties in two weeks. I found a vet that makes house calls to do the dreaded deed. You might want to look around. We wanted our kitty to go in the garage where he helped work on hot rods.

Sorry for your pain.

Hugs and prayers to you and your little kitty. :frowning:

I love animals, too. It’s hard to see any living thing suffering.