Not Mid life Crisis

I’m sat here in the prime of my life. I have absolutely no idea what the hell to do with the rest of my life (minus the prime).

When does the prime wear off anyway? Oh god thats a thought!

Anyway life is good i’m on a course i dont like but should be able to transfer to History Woo Hoo I have a girl from Finland who is pretty and reletively sane (most of the Time)

But i dont feel i’m heading anywhere just seems i’m in a rut. Just wondering if other people have felt this way at Uni?

Is it a quater life crisis?

Any idea’s for careers would be nice too… Barman doesnt sound too good.

Anway sorry to bother you with my pointless musings…

Most of life comes after Uni. And for most of us, what we did during those years has little effect on the rest of the story,

Well, some effect, I suppose. But not all that much.

Good luck with it, pal. You’ll do fine.