Not to hijack a hijack

From the “Why was the illegal drug thread closed” thread:

I don’t dislike you. On many an occasion I’ve found you personable and entertaining. In this particular instance, however, you’re way overreacting and you are being a twat.

That is all.

I got called an asshole because I wanted to hear about the wild weed of India. Now I’ve been called an asshole before, and I’m sure I’ll be called an asshole again, but at least wanting to hear about the wild weed of India was tangentially connected to the OP. Unlike the hijack some other asshole was engaged in.

I’m not sure but I think you’ve been whooshed.

The “wild weed of India”? That sounds fascinating. Let’s discuss that instead. Do you have a link?

I’m not sure but I think you’ve been whooshed.

Since several mods had, by that point, said sure, go ahead and start a serious thread about it, to step in and say that was, indeed, mildly out of line. Didn’t cross my threshold of assholishness, but I defnitely saw it as being at least mildly jerkish-trollish-assholish.

I felt it was a “me too” at worst. I was just weighing in with my take on the “I think it’s BS that the thread was closed and I’d like to hear the rest of the story about the Wild Weed of India” angle.

But hey, I’ll take mildly jerkish-trollish-assholish if that’s all I can get.

At least I wasn’t talking about somebody else’s medical problems that they won’t see a doctor about. I don’t give a shit about that. Us assholes are that way.

I wasn’t calling you an asshole, dude. I didn’t reply there because I said I wouldn’t, but that was a joke. I was being called an asshole for hijacking (I think), so I was making the point that I was far from the only one doing so in the thread.

Otto: Well damn, take the wind out of my sails, why don’t you? :wink: Okay. I am hearing you. wring, too, despite my protestations there. I get it. I’m being a prick, regardless of my reasons. I was, believe it or not, actually trying to limit my prickitude, but I guess I failed. (Maybe my first clue to myself should have been when I started posting in all caps? ;p) I’ll try to dial it back. But that said…

I don’t think I’m overreacting at all. I think everyone else is underreacting or reacting out of ignorance, and I’m so upset about it, I’m not sure what the hell to do. So if you want to say I’m posting out of a less than calm and balanced place, guilty as charged. I’m also being inefficient; I suppose I should just take up the cause in the other thread, but ironically, it has been hijacked now, and I don’t think it would matter anyway. There were actually mods still reading the drug thread, at least.

So I’ll try not to spread my alarm all over the place anymore, but I’d appreciate it if people like Guin would stop being so dismissive of the possibility that the OP of the “Ask the Self-Injurer” thread might need more than self-treatment and the breathless fascination of strangers on the internet to be safe & well, and that the thread itself could potentially be dangerous for her. How people can so casually get on board with this is beyond me.

If the OP were under a doctor’s care, I would have no problem with it. But she isn’t, and as far as I’m concerned the Reader is playing with fire by associating itself with that thread; in addition to which, I’m terribly concerned for her continued safety, and disgusted by what seems like a community willingness to be ghoulishly voyeuristic while claiming mere acadamic interest.

There, now I’ve hijacked your hijacking of your own hijacking of Guin’s hijacking of my hijack with the same hijack it started on.


Take this thread to Cuba! :smiley:

Fair enough. I can see that you were just going along, using “asshole” to describe anybody who wasn’t following the strict letter of the law regarding the OP.

I didn’t really take it too hard, even if you were dead serious it wouldn’t cause me too much grief. I was more pissed because my user name didn’t even warrant bolding. Us assholes are like that :slight_smile:

Tell it to your great grandpappy, asshole. :slight_smile:

OK, that does it. I’m telling the mods that you posted my personal info on the internet. We’ll see who the asshole is now.

Oh, wait…

So my grandpappy was a viking asshole (or is that viking, asshole?), whoda thunk it.

Here you go. Continued here

OK, I’ve stayed out of the Pit thread regarding the closing of the original thread, and away from your wild assumptions about me and my behaviour. But I can’t let this slide.
What’s with you? Are you really that concerned for my safety, or is it some bullshit you’re spewing to make a point? If you’re so concerned - so terribly concerned, why haven’t you spoken to ME about it? What purpose does bringing another hijack into this thread serve?

Oh, you’re concerned that the Reader is courting disaster by allowing me to post about something that could possibly come back to hurt them? How very generous of you, but I’m sure they can take care of themselves. That’s what the moderators are for. There’s plenty of them, and they do their job.

If you feel that other dopers are being"ghoulishly voyeuristic" and are breathlessly fascinated by my obviously attention-seeking behaviour, then why are you perpetuating the cycle by continuing to mention it?

Uh…you made this post literally two days after my final comment on the matter.

Oh, that was your final comment? Pardon me for not reading your mind.

Does it matter?

Well, when you’re accusing me of “continuing” to mention something that I now haven’t mentioned in about as long as the total amount of time I spent mentioning it…yeah, I think it matters. Seems to me like you’re the one continuing and perpetuating and so on.

What the fuck does how long ago you mentioned or didn’t mention it have to do with anything? You brought up, in a thread that had nothing to do with either me or my behaviour, a reference to both. So what if I didn’t respond in some allotted time frame? I have a life outside the Dope. Do you think you can just blow it off because I took too long?

This is what you said, Luna.

And that’s all I’ve been replying to. If you feel I’ve insulted you in some way, show me where, and I’ll apologize for it, because it was not my intent. Otherwise, I have nothing to say to you, except to ask you to please get real help for your struggle with self-injury.

You can’t seem to comprehend why I might feel set upon?

You brought this into another thread. One that had nothing to do with me. You repeated your opinion that I should seek help. You implied that I started the original thread for the attention and ‘breathless fascination’ of others. You claim to be ‘terribly concerned’ about me, yet I’ve seen no evidence of such concern.

None of this sparks the slightest hint of understanding? You have to so magnanimously offer to apologize if I ‘feel’ insulted. Gee, thanks.

Is *this * your final comment? Just checking.