Now here's a strange e-mail I'm not sure what to make of.

I was checking an old yahoo account, because I suddenly remembered some clubs I had joined while under that name. While going through the huge list of unread mail (mostly spam), one of the e-mails was comprised simply of one word:


Just like that. No context about what the message is in reference to, nothing. Just the one word. The date was 11-12, but there was no reply address, no indication of where it came from or why. When I hit reply, Yahoo had nothing at all to put in the “to” field.

No point to this I guess. I just thought that was a bit odd.

Oh, I received that email, too. But, my trained eyes allowed me to see the mail in full.

You missed the “fnords” :smiley:

[sub]no, I didn’t get the email[/sub]

Listen to me carefully and stay calm…HE’S EMAILING YOU FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Check out this message I got in a Yahoo account just the other day.

I have no idea who this person is or WTF he saying!

Well that would explain it. If he’s in the house he probably wants me to quit walking around naked.

That’s easy. Let’s translate this line by line (translations in italics):

Subject: wetin dey!!!
Subject: It’s wet in the day

what’s up now,
I say old chum, what is that I see in the sky?

         my 2k abi na 1500, omo give me now.u no

My 2000 is now 1500, I’d like it now. You know

sey xmas don reach i won use am flenjo.The money don
they’re Christmas doesn’t reach I won’t use a flamingo. The money doesn’t

tey for ur hand and i no gbadun am like dat i go dey
*stay for your hand and I am not a bad guy and like that I go they

expect after vacation.
xpt agtre badstun

thank’s u ever my dawg, Kaycee.
Thanks. You are always a dog, Kaycee.

It’s obviously some sort of free verse poetry, bafaa. Or maybe lyrics to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song. I never understood what their lyrics where supposed to mean.

Wow. One for the linguists - could be an African or Caribbean creole or something.

I thought maybe it was encrypted. :slight_smile:

I believe November 12th was the Great American Smoke Out. A spam email with only one word: “Quit” makes perfect sense in that context.

Ahhh… that would make sense then. So does this mean I can start walking around the house naked again without the creepy feeling of being watched?

Well, no. But to say more than that would be self-incriminating.

I always sort of wondered about these, which occasionally drop into my mailbox:



As best I can tell, a German-speaking Middle Eastern potion-maker is handing out my e-mail address. Strange, no?

That e-mail bafaa got sounds to me like the West African pidgin that Fela Kuti used to sing in.

Anyway, I just got an e-mail from some WebTV customer I never heard of, that has no subject and consists entirely of the following:


Was there a picture attached?

Nope, no picture. There is no way in hell I would have cracked it open, anyway. If that doesn’t sound like a virus threat, I don’t know what does.

After the 11th, I considered collecting all these mails (there are probably half a dozen of them, total) and forwarding them to the Spooks. But then I decided there was no point to it. It would have been one more useless lead to track down, and chances are if it is important those folks already have it, along with the occasional replies I gave.

(I had a little fun with my replies, drafting them in English and then using Babelfish to turn 'em into German before I sent them. I made sure to end my reply to the last one with “don’t fold any sowas,” whatever that means.)

Actually, the Great American Smoke Out was November 15th so maybe they really are trying to tell you to quit walking around naked. Go ahead and keep doing it but please, for the love of G-d, make sure you draw the curtains from now on!

I have a Yahoo account, too, and keep getting really bizarre emails. Like one from this guy trying to reach the admissions department at Vassar College. And another one telling Teresa that the article she requested is now available in the bottom floor of the library. And one asking if I know Ben’s new number. What the hell is up with this?

I got an email at my Hotmail acocunt from someone saying he was planning his birthday party and wanted to know if I catered.

My account name is podkayne_fries, because in Podkayne of Mars, Poddy’s last name is Fries, which is Dutch–rhymes with “breeze.”

So, uh, I guess he thought I delivered french fries for a living?

No idea how he got my address.

I got an email this week from a woman to her ex-husband telling him what an ass he was for not okaying the adoption of her daughter. I knew none of these people and I have no idea how it got sent to me. The “to” field had “undisclosed recipients” listed.

I once had a guy write to me, he said he was starting “the project” and that “they” hadn’t caught on yet. I was wondering for a while.